A good night sleep is crucial for a good day.

In today’s busy and hectic life, you are finding it hard to have a refreshing sleep which in turn is affecting your personal and professional life. (Remember, you dozed off during that meeting with your client-oh my god, that was really embarrassing)

Here I am, sitting in a beautiful parks finishing off this article for you.

Read on to learn 4 tips to help you....zzzzzzzzzzzz

Get Tired

A major reason behind not being able to enjoy a good night sleep could be simply shocking-You are not tired enough.


Yes! Your body can sleep comfortably only if it is tired.
Working in front of a computer 8-10 hours a day will tire your brain but the energy in your physical body is still unused and will cause discomfort.

Make it a point to exercise daily, it raises your heart beat and that’s kind of good for your health (If jogging in a park full of hot girls does not raise your heart beat then I don’t know what would?)

And if the word exercise doesn’t excite you- then probably you can take a walk, play with your children, walk your dog, go cycling or water plants in your garden.

Any physical activity will do the trick and when you'll retire to bed you will be tired and all set for a wonderful sleep. (Just be careful not to exert too much else your body will ache and you’ll call me names. Believe me, I am not looking forward to it.)

Make Your Bedroom As Comfortable As Possible

The place where you sleep-your bedroom plays- very important role in having a good, bad or a nightmarish sleep.
Make sure your bedroom is as comfortable and cozy as it can be.

De-clutter it-keep only those things which are meant to be in a bedroom (computer, television or tread mill in the bedroom is simply stupid)

Remove unnecessary furniture, books, clothes, showpieces and try to keep the electronic items to the minimum.
Make sure the color and design of the bed-sheet is soothing.

(This word ‘bed-sheet’ reminds me of something hilarious-the signboard on one of my neighborhood shops reads- ‘All kinds of BED SHITS available’ –please, never buy from him)

Prepare To Enter the Wonderland of Sleep

Sleep is serious business (Don’t believe me? Try not to sleep for 3 days and you’ll know what I am talking about) and it is worth preparing for it.

Here’s how?

A busy day can make your feet aching and cramping (especially if yours is a field job)

There is a simple solution for this-have some lukewarm water, add salt and rose water in it.
Soak your feet in this water for a minute or so and gently rub them against each other-it soothes and relaxes your swollen feet.

Drinking warm milk or herbal tea also promotes a good night sleep. Make sure not to consume coffee or tea. (Unless you really want to have some nightmares)

Listening to peaceful music or reading your favorite book (just stick to some inspiring and positive stuff at this time-you want to wind up after a busy day-so, no Sydney Sheldon please)

You can also use a room freshener or burn incense sticks to make the atmosphere more pleasant. Playing music in the background is also a good idea.

Your emotional state (more popularly known as your mood) is very important while preparing for sleep because if you go in sleep with good mood, you will wake up in the morning in a good mood which will make your whole day.

Make Love

Making passionate love just before sleep works wonders.
Kissing, hugging and all those movements release the pent up energy in your body which was unused and turn it into ecstasy and bliss. It is just awesome (No wonder there are so much of advice on the internet to help you out in the art of love making)

Making love not only helps you enjoy an awesome sleep but also burns calories (for you calorie freaks out there)
Take my advice…

Make love not fight (But please remember to take necessary precautions otherwise you’ll curse me for whole of your life)

Happy sleeping!!!

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