Coolers are necessary during hot summers. And indeed, if you reside in a hot and temperate zone it is no doubt that the summers will belong. So, you need to do Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance. But in case you are doing it yourself can it be done? What are the most important things while cleaning a cooler? Let us have a look at how you can maintain your cooler by yourself.

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1. Changing The Water Daily

Changing the water daily is an important task for keeping the cooling efficient the same. Coolers use the water as a source of cooling the air and evaporative coolers are no different. The water must be changed daily. This will also not allow mosquitoes to breed on them and keep the water clean. This is crucial as you don't want unhygienic conditions such as a mosquito breeding ground in your home. In case your cooler runs long enough then you might have to consider Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance by changing the air midway too.

2. Open Clean Your Air Cooler

There is little to doubt that with extensive use the air cooler will draw dust, pollens, and other unwanted stuff from outside. To check this, you must do a full servicing by opening the hood of the cooler. Doing this ensures that the stuff inside has prolonged life and can provide the same cooling efficiency year after year.

To do a full-on Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance you should clean them every small equipment inside such as the pads. Use water in very little quantities and make sure that you wipe off excess water with a clean cloth immediately. This will ensure that your evaporative air cooler is cleaned thoroughly. If you cannot do it yourself or have never done it before maybe you should call in on an air cooler servicing team because the full open type servicing requires expertise.

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3. Cleaning The Valves

Cleaning the valves is extremely important as there are many such valves inside your air cooler. Cleaning the external valves will wipe off the dust and improve cooling efficiency. The valves play a crucial role in cooling the air by allowing the heat to dissipate into the water. If that is not correctly done the cooling efficiency will decrease. There is little that you can do if your valves do not function properly. Consider Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance if possible.

4. Cleaning The Fan

The fan inside your cooler is responsible for circulating the cool air inside your room. But due to extensive use, the fan speed might decrease due to dust setting on its blades. This is crucial that if you want the same cooling even after years of use, you must clean the fan of your air cooler repeatedly. This must be done not to ensure that the cooler is working in full flow. Cleaning the fan can be done by oneself and does not require you to call a Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance team.

All you must do is wipe off the dust from the blades and back of the rotor and then clean them with a cloth. You can also use water for cleaning but do it in small quantities.

Final Verdict

During the summers, your air cooler will run continuously for hours. Therefore, it is essential that you do its maintenance repeatedly to maintain the same cooling efficiency. With a bit of expertise in maintenance, you don't always have to call a Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance team. But if you want your cooler to serve you for a long time then at least once every year get its maintenance done by the professional mechanic.

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