It's a new year, which means your budget gets a fresh start. Here are 5 simple ways you can cut your expenses and save more money.

Do you wish you could save money this year? A lot of American share the same dream.

This may come as a surprise, but it's estimated that as many as . save little to no money each month and that half will be in trouble by the time they need to retire.

Managing your expenses can be difficult regardless of how much money you bring in. But luckily, we're going to help you have more cash in your pocket by giving you some handy financial advice.

Want to know where you can cut costs and see results? Read on to learn more.

Four Expenses To Cut For More Cash

We're not going to tell you to do obvious things like cutting out your morning Starbucks run. You're still allowed to treat yourself to the $7 salad you eat each week.

Everything from the best warren buffett books to articles on Forbes act like cutting small things that make you happy is the key to saving money.

You already know how to cut small things out of your budget. Let's focus on some of the big things you can cut so you can enjoy some extra cash soon.

If you're ready to see more cash in your pocket, cut these expenses from your life.

Your Cell Service

Your family plan may seem like it's saving you money, but hidden fees and data charges can easily make your bill several hundred dollars.

It's not your imagination, cell phone bills are getting higher. Instead of spending money on an expensive family plan, switch everyone to a pay as you go or prepaid plan to save money.

The Cable Bill

Don't believe it when cable companies tell you that it's cheaper to keep your cable package than it is to rely on streaming.

Many of you reading this probably already pay for services like Hulu and Netflix on top of your monthly cable. And most may watch streaming shows more than live TV.

If you're juggling streaming and traditional cable, it's time to cut the cord. You're already paying for these services. Cut out cable and devote yourself to streaming entertainment.

Gym Memberships

You can still lose weight and get in shape without having a gym membership.

Even if you'd consider yourself a heavy gym user, you can still maintain a good routine at home.
YouTube has so many videos of workouts you can do on your own with little to know equipment. Turn your living room or basement into your personal gym for a few minutes a day with workouts you enjoy.

Branded Products

Want the difference between Benadryl and a store brand allergy medication? The active ingredients are the same between both, the only difference is that the name brand costs more.

A lot of the brand name items you buy were made at the same giant production plant that the store brand items were made. There's often little to no difference between store brands and "the real thing".

Instead of wasting extra money on a name and packaging, look at store versions the next time you're grocery shopping.

More Ways To Save

Now that you know about some simple expenses to cut, now we can move on to other ways for you to save money.
Do you dread having to pay your utility bills every month? Saving on energy costs can help you reduce electric, heating, and water bills! Check out our post on how to save money on energy so you can save in other parts of your life.

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