Peanut and butter, ham and cheese, bacon and eggs. Just like these food items which are better together, there are also some notable items that are perfect for particular individuals.

For instance, airplane models aren’t just for regular people. While anyone can buy and keep it, it’s meant to be collected, and appreciated by aviation enthusiasts, who take pride and delight in these treasured possessions. The next time you’re deciding whether or not to gift an aviation enthusiast with an airplane model, here are the reasons to give you a push:

It lasts forever

It's probably safe to say that all aviation enthusiasts really like model airplanes. In fact, they often have their favorite or meaningful airplanes, custom built by skilled model makers. They will proudly display it at home or at work. They will boast it to their family, relative, and friends. An impressive airplane model will last a lifetime. It is, therefore, important, to look for the best craftsmen if you’re planning to give the airplane model as a gift.

There are many mass-produced airplane models in the market, but the custom-built one is always better. Why? Well, these are not produced by batch (with compromised quality), each model takes roughly hundreds of hours just to complete, assembled carefully piece by piece, to make it as accurate, detailed, and beautiful as possible. Remember, the quality should be the number one consideration when looking for an airplane model that will last forever!

It gives good memories

Your aviation enthusiast friend may be a retired pilot, or just someone who has long dreamed of being one, but has taken a different career path. For a retired pilot, getting an airplane model will remind him of all the good memories of his flying days, as well as the hardships he had to go through before getting to his remarkable position. He or she will truly be evocative, just by looking at the model displayed on the shelf.

To someone who has always wanted to be a pilot, or a cabin crew, but went on a different path, this will be a reminder of a beautiful dream. While it may evoke feelings of sadness or regret, for not getting the chance to experience being in the skies, it will still put a smile on their face, because it will definitely make them feel young again - a dreamer who is hopeful, and optimistic.

The good memories are not engraved on the airplane model itself. It’s more of an emotion-provoking piece when looked at.

It is perfect to collect

Don’t get us wrong. Not all aviation enthusiasts are airplane model collectors. Some may be more invested in decorating their home with an aviation theme, collecting vintage airplane posters, or maybe even a huge book containing all of the airplane models that were built. Who knows? Gifting an aviation enthusiast with an airplane model might just give him the idea to start collecting these precious items.

Sometimes, they are too preoccupied with different things going on in their life, that they don’t take any time indulging themselves in their special interests. If you have someone who loves the aviation field so much, try giving them an airplane model, and see if it makes them start collecting the items.

Collecting may either be for fun or profit. Some collect because they see the value and importance of specific aircrafts, while some collect because they see these as investments in the near future.

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