It’s easy to forget it these days, but for a long time, an adult gamer was seen as a faux-pas. And there are indeed still settings where grown adults would feel embarrassed to admit that they enjoy playing video games a few hours a week. And as the responsibility of life starts to pile up, it’s not uncommon for gamers to wonder if it is finally time to hang up the controller and stop wasting time pressing buttons to make digital avatars move around.

If you have been thinking that, you should remember that playing games aren’t just a waste of time. And while it may be wise to play fewer hours a week as your obligations pile up, there are compelling reasons why you should not give up gaming entirely. Here are some of them.

1 - Socialization

Recent studies have uncovered that Baby Boomers are experiencing greater rates of cognitive decline than generations that came before them. That’s the first recorded instance of a newer generation losing brain function faster than an older generation since cognitive tests became common, back in 1890.

For now, it is hard to pin down why that is happening. But isolation has become a more serious problem as our civilization modernizes and becomes more urban. Scientists point out that isolation and other consequences of modern life may be to blame for the greater decline of the Baby Boomers. And being a part of a gaming community is a good way to make sure you can continue socializing, even as you grow older. Especially if you are a leading player in a big guild, or enjoy attending IRL events and tournaments.

2 - Prevent cognitive decline

Books are often elevated as the peak of culture, but complex games can be just as good or better when it comes to exercising your brain. And there are ongoing studies into whether or not games can be used to help older citizens maintain cognitive function. These studies have been showing promising results.

3 - Affordability

While playing top-of-the-line games can run a pretty penny in hardware costs on top of the price of the games themselves, there are plenty of great games out there that can be played for free on nearly any hardware. This includes simple games like pyramid solitaire that can be played on your browser and classic games of the 8-bit era that run on nearly any computer or phone.

Thanks to this, gaming can be one of the most affordable ways to relax and unwind available in the market.

4 - Challenge and growth

Interesting games often hook us by providing challenges and encouraging the player to overcome them. Humans have an ingrained desire for adventure, exploration, problem-solving, and facing challenges. Those are all itches that can be scratched by a good game.

There are, of course, other ways to get these feelings and satisfy these needs. But it’s important to remember that if you have been gaming for a large part of your life, videogames likely play an important part in the balance of your life. If you are planning to remove it from your life entirely, you must be on your guard to avoid replacing gaming with something unhealthy or counter-productive.

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