What does it take to run an online business in 2020 as everything becomes increasingly competitive on the web?

The UK government has found in its latest report that at least 82% of advertised UK jobs require some level of digital skills. This obviously also impacts businesses and workers. Acquiring some essential skills in the field of digital marketing in the digital age will determine employability and online success for internet entrepreneurs or freelancers. Depending on the exact nature of your online business, you can consider adopting a wide range of specific digital marketing skills that can help you excel in the online world.

The rapid rise of various online platforms has prompted marketers as well as entrepreneurs to dive into the applications of digital marketing. Marketing of products & services while ultimately driving sales and profits is the aim and can only be achieved by being up to date with the latest online marketing trends and strategies.

To get you started online on the right track, our digital marketing experts at ClickDo have compiled some essential digital marketing skills to acquire as an online business owner or entrepreneur to maximize the overall success of your online business in 2020.

1. SEO:

It stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a primary skill that you should aim at harnessing as soon as possible. For many websites and online platforms, organic search tends to be the primary source of traffic and inquiries. As a business owner or marketer, it is imperative to understand how to carry out relevant keyword research and create optimized content. This will improve the overall visibility and exposure of the website on search engine results with the aim to rank as high as possible. If you want to understand SEO better and what it entails, you can take one of the expert digital marketing courses available at the SeekaHost University. Without a well-thought-out SEO strategy, you cannot expect your website to rank higher on the subsequent search engine results. So, gaining the most essential SEO skills is a precursor to giving your online business the best kickstart.

2. Content Writing and blogging:

The ability to create high-quality content boosting your website to rank higher on the search engine results serve to be a major factor in the modern online hemisphere. There is a huge demand for informative yet compact content and as an online entrepreneur or marketer, you should realize the fact that SEO-friendly copywriting, as well as blogging, is vital to ensuring the overall success of your online business. Through blog articles, you can target your specific audience and encourage them to access a wide range of products & services you offer. At ClickDo, the digital marketing experts advise writing blog posts containing relevant search terms and keywords for your target group. This will help with search engine ranks and increased traffic. Another important aspect is backlinking in blog posts. See how our experts do it by checking some of our blog articles on the London Business News Blog or UK News Blog.Interlinking between your other blog articles is key to demonstrate search engines that your content is interconnected, which increases trust. You can learn more about SEO-friendly content writing and blogging on e-learning platforms like SeekaHost University.

3. Guest posting:

Advertising and marketing your services or products is vital when you wish to create an awareness of your brand. Some people go for organic or paid advertising, as this brings in quick results. However, for the long-term success of your website, guest posting can be a great tool. Speak to guest blogging experts like our ClickDo team and they can help you identify the best websites and blogs to feature your guest articles on, helping to withdraw the attention of your niche-specific target audience. Say your services or products are educational, you could contribute an informative guest blog to the UK Education Blog. This way, your website would get a mention and backlink on an authoritative blog, which improves its ranks on search engines. And it would also expose your brand to more readers. They might visit your website if they enjoyed your article and you’d grow the organic traffic to your online presence. Ensure that you utilize those new visitors by adding subscription pop-ups for a newsletter or other remarketing strategies.

4. Email Marketing:

Once you’ve built a solid readership and encouraged them to subscribe to your newsletter or other services, regular emails are one of the most effective ways for nurturing a good, healthy relationship between your brand and the customers. Therefore, as an online business owner or marketer, it is recommended to develop an effective email marketing strategy for the best outcomes. This is not as easy as it might seem. You should be capable of understanding the right metrics, strategies, and tools that would support your email marketing. After all, it’s an important part of digital marketing and if you get it right, you can keep customers hooked, increase your sales and website traffic by encouraging them to visit your site more often through your emails. Find more information on our ClickDo website.

Now you know the top cyber skills you will need to succeed in the competitive online environment in 2020. Learn them and apply them to boost your online business this year. No matter which skills you go for, they will all play a significant role in the future of any online enterprise. Get ahead of your competitors and make your web presence a successful undertaking.

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