It is not easy to choose the best dry cleaning service for your clothes. Several dry cleaners are available in every city. Each one of them guarantees to offer the best services. In current times people are more into eco-friendly dry cleaners and they use organic substances such as silicon-based solvents to clean your clothes.

However, before you choose the dry cleaning service you must check the testimonials of the old clients as this will give you a lucid idea about the kind of things and professional expertise that you will get. Organic dry cleaning is extremely beneficial for the environment.

In this chemical-free products are used to clean the clothes. When there are no chemicals, the process automatically becomes less hazardous for the co- system and nothing harmful is released.

Mentioned below are some of the methods used by organic dry cleaners:

Wet dry cleaning- In this method water as well as specialized solvents are used to clean the clothes. These solvents are milder than laundry cleaners that you use at home. The dry cleaning service should not provide timely services they should also offer dry cleaning pickup and delivery. The steaming products are used to give the final and sparkling finish to your clothes.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Solvent – These days people are extremely concerned about the environment. In liquid carbon dioxide cleaning, liquid carbon dioxide is used as a solvent. It is turned into a gas by exerting high pressure. This is non-flammable and non-toxic and clothes are washed just as they are done in a traditional manner. Liquid CO2 can be reused again so there is no hassle.

Hydrocarbon Used as a Solvent- Some eco-friendly dry cleaners use solvents like DF-2000. It is a petroleum-based hydrocarbon. The dry cleaning process is chemical-free, and this is the reason why people go for it.

Silicon-Based Solvent-  Siloxane or D-5. Siloxane is a hugely popular solvent used by green dry cleaners.  No chemicals are used to clean the clothes and other things such as carpets, bed linen, etc.  This process is not very popular and sought after as it is believed that it might release carcinogenic dioxin in the atmosphere.

So, these are some of the methods for dry cleaning that are used by eco-friendly dry cleaners. It is always better to choose the dry cleaning service that is present in your area. Always ask your friends and family for suggestions as this would ensure that you will not go wrong.

Always, go through the damage and loss policy of Dry Cleaning Company before hiring it. If the garment gets spoilt or lost the company should hold responsibility for the same. Pay heed to the pricing. Do not go for someone who charges excessively high by saying that they offer organic services. Prime Time dry cleaners provide highly competent dry cleaning services in New Jersey.

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Prime Time Cleaners is a business that provides high-quality dry cleaning services and takes care of customers. We are in this business for more than 25 years and have experience from Europe, where we originally began.