Cannabis concentrates have become increasingly popular among cannabis users, but what makes them different from cannabis flower?

You can buy cannabis online in Canada and will likely find the best cannabis concentrate online, too. It can be overwhelming looking at all the available options, not knowing which to purchase.

The main differences between cannabis flower and concentrate to consider are potency, method of consumption, consumer level, and how they are processed.


When you are buying cannabis flower online in Canada, you may want to consider the potency of the flower you are buying. If not the biggest, the main difference between cannabis flower and concentrate is how potent they are.

Cannabis flower potency ranges between 10 to 25 percent, while cannabis concentrate ranges between 50 to 80 percent on average. Thus, when you are buying the best cannabis concentrate online, it is essential to consider these numbers and how potent you are looking for your cannabis to be.

If you want something a little less intense, you may want to go with cannabis flower.

2.Experience of the Consumer

That said, potency also factors into the level of the consumer. When buying cannabis online, especially if it is your first time, you want to consider the potency levels for yourself.

If you purchase a concentrate at 50 to 80 percent potency, it may be a little too strong for a beginner. In that case, you would want to look at buying cannabis flower online in Canada rather than concentrate. However, if you are a more advanced cannabis user, then the concentrate may be right for you. You know what works best for you!

3.Method of Consumption

Likewise, how you consume your cannabis matters. When buying the best cannabis concentrate or flower online, you should consider what kind of experience you’d like to have.

Cannabis flower is smoked entirely differently than a concentrate. Flower can be vaporized, rolled, and smoked. However, the concentrate can be ingested, dabbed, or taken as an oil or tincture. When you add that in with the potency and level of consumers, you can decide what kind of intake experience is right for you.

4.Processed Versus Unprocessed

How cannabis is processed will also matter when buying cannabis flower or concentrate online. Cannabis flower tends to have more of an aroma than concentrates because a lot of the smell is extracted in the creation process from a concentrate. However, more of a flavor can be added to a concentrate to counteract that.

So if you want more of a strong taste (that tastes good too) rather than a strong smell, perhaps a concentrate is for you. If you’re looking for a more authentic cannabis smoking experience, buying cannabis online in Canada is probably the better method for you.

Buy Cannabis Online in Canada: Flower vs. Concentrate

Buying the best cannabis concentrate or flower online is all up to you! Consider what kind of experience you’re interested in and your tolerance level. That said, you honestly cannot go wrong with either decision, as buying cannabis flower online in Canada has never been easier.

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