Have you bought into the poverty consciousness?

With all of the negativity and fear surrounding the housing market, the job market and the super market right now, it's easy to let yourself slip into that rut. The good news is... You don't have to stay there.

In fact, you have an opportunity to redefine your relationship with money today. The pendulum always swings back to a place of equilibrium, so why not be on the cutting edge of the new consciousness ~ the Wealth & Worthiness Consciousness ~ that's ushering in a new era of financial abundance.

It's a big job, but it starts one person at a time. So why not let it start with you? Be the light that shines a ray of hope to others by soaring above the poverty consciousness and into a new, more positive relationship with money.

Here are 3 simple strategies to help you get started...

1) Carry cash. This seems simple, but you'd be surprised at how many people (myself included) neglect to carry cash in their wallets.

I know that nearly every place from fast food joints to fruit stands accepts credit these days, but I believe that paying with cash helps keep us connected to the Universal flow of Prosperity.

When I pay with credit it's not as tangible to me as when I have the visceral experience of holding the money in my hand and joyfully exchanging it for goods or services I need or desire. Also, when we look in our wallets and see real greenbacks staring back at us we just FEEL more prosperous.

Years ago I read the book "Ask and It Is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks (if you're not familiar with the Abraham-Hicks work, check it out ~ it was the secret before "The Secret"). This book provides a number of techniques on how to apply the Law of Attraction to your life with practicality and purpose.

One of my favorite tips in this book is to carry $100 bill with you at all times. This creates an attitude of abundance because you always have money. The trick is not to spend it (or at least try not to), but to look at things you may want and know that you have the choice not to buy them.

I realize this may sound like a tease, but you'd be surprised how empowering it is to look at something you're lusting after in a store window (think shoes) and know that you can afford it, you just don't need it. Big difference!

This brings me nicely to my next point...

2) Never utter words of poverty because ~ and pay attention here because this is important ~ your words have the power to create and enforce your reality.

When you speak aloud you are making a declaration. The words you utter are picked up by your own subconscious mind and assimilated into your definition of yourself and the world around you. Furthermore, your words are picked up by a willing and loving Universe that is absolutely dedicated to bringing you the fruits of the seeds you sew.

So when you say things like, "I can't afford that," or "I don't have the money for it," your subconscious and the Universe work as diligent co-creators to manifest your chosen version of reality. Get it?

So instead of buying into the poverty consciousness and making negative statements about your finances, say things like, "Those are great shoes, but I choose not to spend my money on them today." Remember, you could buy them (especially if you've got that Ben Franklin stashed in your purse) but you are choosing not to.

I was recently invited to go on a short trip with some girlfriends and decided not to go. After looking at my finances I announced to my divas (and myself and the Universe) that I was using my money to build my business at that time, but that I would look forward to the next opportunity we had to travel together.

This statement served a few purposes for me. First, it helped me to feel empowered because I wasn't letting my finances dictate my actions ~ I was simply making a choice. Second, I affirmed that my money was actively working for me to build a successful business. And third, I announced my desire and enthusiasm to travel with my girlfriends in the future, allowing all of the necessary elements of this manifestation to fall into place when the opportunity presents itself.

(Editor's note: We all have "off" days. So don't beat yourself up if you slip and find yourself whining to your sister that you had to buy Suave shampoo, just don't make a habit of it.)

And my final tip for soaring out of poverty consciousness is... (I feel like there should be a drum roll here, so indulge me)...

3) Live the life you want to live now. This tip comes from one of my favorite business mentors Ali Brown (if you're a female entrepreneur and you haven't checked her out yet, do it today!).

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Michele McGrew is a spiritual teacher and intuitive who began her metaphysical journey at the age of 17 when she was taught to perform psychic readings by a family member and mentor. In the years since, she's dedicated herself to exploring the depths of spirituality, ancient myth and magic, Divine Love and Universal Truth. She now enjoys teaching ancient arts to modern women in practical and meaningful ways in today’s demanding society.

Passionate about helping others discover their spiritual path with joy and purpose, Michele hosts workshops and provides private classes and counseling on a variety of topics including earth and moon magic, past life exploration, herb lore, chakra balancing and working with the archetypical energies of the ancient Gods and Goddess for the creation of a more harmonious life.

Michele is a member of the ADL Minister’s Board of Directors, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Florida Atlantic University and has earned certificates in Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies. As an ordained ADL minister and Priestess, her greatest joy is in working with other spiritually minded individuals to honor, uplift and support them on their journey through life.

For more information, go to www.WakeUpGoddess.com.