Small business owners have always struggled to get more traffic for their websites. You can have the greatest product, the best deals and the most important information, but if you don't get any traffic then it doesn't matter.

Viral Marketing can be the entrepreneur's best friend. Also known as buzz marketing, viral marketing is the concept that you create an article or a video or some other informative and entertaining item that other people are inspired to share with their friends, family and coworkers.

I'm going to share 2 techniques and 1 free tool that I've used to get many thousands of hits to my websites.

Technique #1 – Article Marketing. I still consider article marketing to be one of the best ways to draw new traffic back to your website. When I work with new authors I always tell them "Don't try to write a book, instead just write one article per week. Use those articles to draw traffic back to your website while simultaneously compiling the information that you want to publish in book form."

In others words, start writing now, and start benefiting from your writing NOW rather than when your book is published. The way you benefit from your writing is to publish your articles on the hundreds of article directories that you can find online. Be sure to put your website URL in the Authors Bio box that goes with your article.

When you publish your articles online then other webmasters will use those articles on their own websites. Remember that webmasters need tons of up to date, relevant content to put on their websites. If you can provide that content then they will be happy to publish your articles. In my newsletters and online magazines I use about 4-5 times more content from other authors than I write myself.

Technique #2 – YouTube videos. With the digital revolution it's easier than ever to put a decent quality video online with, and a host of other video sharing sites.
Make it funny, informative and short and other people will post it on their websites and blogs and refer their friends, family and coworkers to watch it. You can see a short video that gives you more information about how to use YouTube at

I also promised to give you a great FREE tool that will help you boost your website hits. I've personally used the Free Viral system for almost 2 years. It's easy and it's free and it works.
Here's how it works;

1. When you register at, you will notice there are 6 text ads on the sign up page. Click on the ads, insert the code from the ads into the correct box. It only takes a couple of minutes.

2. Once you have all 6 ad codes, you can complete the sign up process and you'll get your own viral marketing URL.

3. You then create your own text ad, which will go to the top of the 6 ad list.

4. Each time someone signs up for viral marketing using your links, they will have to view your ad or website to get their ad code. This applies to everyone who signs up under them as well, out to 6 levels.

5. Here is how the system works;

10 people sign up from your page 1 x 10 = Your ad on 10 new sites

10 people sign up from each of them 10 x 10 = Your ad on 100 new sites

10 people sign up from each of them 10 x 100 = Your ad on 1,000 new sites

10 people sign up from each of them 10 x 1,000 = Your ad on 10,000 new sites

10 people sign up from each of them 10 x 10,000 = Your ad on 100,000 new sites

10 people sign up from each of them 10 x 100,000 = Your ad on 1,000,000 new sites

You can see how this works at any of my online magazines and websites. If you go to you'll see a green banner ad at the bottom of the page that says 'Free Viral'.

One piece of advice – if you use the text links then be sure to cloak the link and shorten it in order to be sure that your link gets used properly. I use for my short links.

If you take advantage of and really learn to use these 2 techniques and this 1 free tool then you'll have all the traffic that you could possibly need.

"3 Ways To Use Viral Marketing" is an excerpt from Robert Morgen's new book The Spiritual Entrepreneur, which can be downloaded as a FREE Ebook (for a limited time) at

Author's Bio: 

Robert Morgen experienced a near-death kundalini awakening in 1992.

He's the author of 'Awaken Your Inner Power!' and 'The Spiritual Entrepreneur'