Quick - name a product or service that doesn't rely on persuasion in some shape or form, to move people to action and sell more goods?


I can't think of one either.

Which is why I know you'll benefit from the simple
tips I'm about to share with you.

Persuasion, like any other skill, goes through a specific,
repeatable process. And it's not really that complicated.
In fact, if you have kids I'm sure you'll agree it's something
they skillfully use (on you), on a daily basis.

Kids have an amazing ability to get what they want, don't they?

That being said, let's identify what persausion is.

Without consulting a dictionary for a formal definition, let's define it in practical terms:

Persuasion (for our purposes here) is the process of influencing
someone else to believe in an action you'd like for them to take, then helping them decide to take it.

How you do that is a simple 3 step process:

1. Know what the other person wants.

2. Increase their desire for it.

3. Convince them you can help them get it by doing what you'd like for them to do.

Complete these 3 steps and your 'old' prospect is now a 'new'

Fortunately, human nature can be somewhat predictable, meaning
it's not that hard to know what a person wants. Because our wants
typically fall into one of two categories ...

We want:

1. To obtain pleasure, and/or,
2. To avoid pain.

That's it.

See how that simplifies your task? Out of hundreds of possible
wants and needs your prospect may have, you're able to narrow your focus down to these two areas.

Your job now is to simply identify how what you offer helps your
prospect obtain pleasure or avoid pain.

Once you clearly understand how to do that you move into the 2nd
step, which is to increase their desire to gain what they want, and/or avoid what they don't want, and finally,

Step 3: Convince them that you can help them get it -- Making
persuasion as easy as 1-2-3!

So, time now to go out and persuade - knowing that, once you do ...

you will definitely be able to INCREASE SALES!

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Virgil Stanphill is an author, a publisher, and freelance copywriter with a background in direct sales, having sold on strictly commission for more than 25 years. Get information on his book: The Beginner's “Easiest Book in the World” for Learning How to Write Powerful Sales Letters and get a FREE Sales Letter Template at: http://www.LetsIncreaseSales.com