I believe questions are the gateway to learning. I often use them during my training sessions to challenge audience members to think a bit more deeply about a point I’ve made. In my first book, Searching For Success, I posed lots of questions for my readers to ponder. One such group of questions in the book was developed as a way to help readers probe internally for insights regarding their current position in life. Based upon the answers developed, one could then take the necessary steps to fill the “life gaps” that existed. By developing and implementing such an action plan, readers could then make moves to help them reach their maximum potential.

With this article, I’m challenging you the reader to carry out the same exercise. Find a quiet setting where you can think through your answers in solitude. Take your time. This is not an exercise intended to be completed in one sitting.

Once you’ve gone through all questions and answered them as thoroughly as you are able, getting with a respected colleague or friend whose opinion you trust to review your answers might be an additional benefit. The bottom line—you want to get to the raw truth. Only then can you devise the proper steps needed to make dramatic and significant changes.

1. What are my marketable skills?
2. What do I do particularly well?
3. What can I do better than most other people?
4. What have I done particularly well in the past?
5. What are my unique talents and abilities?
6. What do I enjoy doing?
7. What do I do easily that seems to be difficult for others?
8. In what areas of work do I get the best results?
9. If I could do any job at all, anywhere, what would it be?
10. How would I describe my ideal job?
11. How would I describe an ideal lifestyle?
12. What have others described as strong points in my character?
13. What makes me happy?
14. What are you proudest for having accomplished so far in your life?
15. What haven’t you done that you’d like to do before you die?
16. Am I satisfied with my current lifestyle? Income? Achievements?
17. What is my personal and professional growth plan?
18. What specialized knowledge do I possess?
19. What knowledge do I lack that is holding me from reaching my potential?
20. What roles do I play? ID at least 7. (i.e. father, mother, husband, wife, manager, etc.....)
21. What is the most important principle upon which I base my life?
22. Is what I am now doing congruent with this principle?
23. Who are the most important people in my life?
24. How much time (life) do I spend interacting with these people? (Be Real Honest)
25. Is my life balanced?
26. If I had unlimited time and resources, what would I do?
27. Why am I not doing this now?
28. Have I ever taken the time to write goals?
29. What is my purpose in life?
30. What is my greatest accomplishment?
31. What things have I done in my life that did not make me proud? Why do I feel this way?
32. Can I forgive myself and move on with my life?
33. Is my lifestyle healthy? (Food, exercise, balance, habits, etc.....)
34. Am I financially secure? If not, what will I do to build that security?
35. Am I ready to change to become the “best me” that can be? If so, how will I do it?

Author's Bio: 

Professional speaker/author Billy Arcement, MEd—The Leadership Strategist, shares his messages on leadership and personal development with business, government and education leaders. He authored Searching For Success, now internationally published. His newest book, Journeying on Holy Ground, provides insightful guidance for establishing priorities on life’s journey. His website, www.SearchingForSuccess.com has information about his services. To make contact, email Billy@SearchingForSuccess.com or call him @ 225-677-9426. Copyright 2011.