Desire: A strong feeling of wanting to have something.

Activate desire, and you are in business.

How do you activate it?

First, discover what people really want. Also, discover the language, feelings, colors, sounds, textures and other neural representations they use to describe and think of what they really want. Then, position and represent your offer according to this information. Use the same language that they use. Use the same colors and textures and smells that they usually associate their desire with. How? Just ask them! Survey them, ask them what they really want, and they will tell you. You can also research, and you can test things out. Asking, researching and testing will give you all the information that you need. You will know exactly what people want, how they think about that desire, how they represent it in their mind and heart, and what they expect. Then frame your product in that way. That will lead them to desire your product.

Next, connect with as many of the core human drives as possible. Each one of us humans wants to feel, to defend and protect, to bond, love and feel loved, to acquire, posses and collect, to learn or satisfy curiosity, and to avoid pain, discomfort or hustle. Look at your product and ask yourself how many ways you can connect it with these core human drives. Then, ask yourself how you can clearly show your customers that your product connects with these core human drives. That will lead them to desire it.

Finally, use social proof. We are all prone to herd behavior. We all like to think we are independent thinkers, but the truth is, as humans, we are herd animals. If we don't see other people doing something, we tend not to do it. If we see other people doing something, we tend to want to join them or feel left out. So always use social proof like testimonials or Facebook followers to demonstrate that other people do use your product. This makes the new customer feel safe and even left out, and they will desire to join the crowd of successful users of your product.

Don't try to convince people to buy your products. That hardly ever works. Instead, simply help them convince themselves. You do that using the above three ways to activate desire. And the more you can master those three ways, the more desirable your product will be, and the easier it will be to sell it.

Author's Bio: 

David Cameron Gikandi is the best-selling author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money,  was the Creative Consultant on The Secret,  and he is a Real Estate & I.T. entrepreneur,  holding a BSc. in International Business,  MCSD,  and MSc. in Information Technology. He invites you to try the 58 Step Small Business Makeover System and the 12 x 12 Step DIY Abundant Life Coach System for free on his site.