If your last golf course mower lasted for ages, it definitely means the mower was built to last and had great durability. Now that it is time to get your hands on a new mower for your golf course, there are a lot of things that you need to consider.

Golf Course Mowers

It’s been a while since you shopped for golf course mowers. And knowledge can create a huge difference when it comes to buying a machine that would last for ages. Because otherwise, you keep running back to the gold course supply store. In order to help you buy the best for once and all, here are five tips that you need to consider.

Know Your Golf Course

Even before you look out for golf mowers for sale, take a look around your golf course. When you have an idea of what is needed, you can narrow down the options in less time. What is the size of your golf course? What type of blades will be needed? What is the quality of the grass, whether it is thin or thick? These are the few questions you should ask yourself before you head out and buy a mower. If the golf course is less than an acre, you may need a walk-behind mower but if it is larger in size then a riding mower is the one you should go for. Well, in both cases one thing that is essential to pay attention to is the mower’s movability. And if the coarse grass is dense then opt for a machine that has taller wheels and high horsepower. Golf course mowers have a thing with maneuverability. This is a must-have in every mower.

Performance Of Mower

A mower that matches up with what performance you need for your golf course is the one you should go for. Of course, budget plays a vital role too. But with mowers on sale, you can get the ones that fall in your range. So the next time you buy brand new or used golf course mowers that are your budget, never compromise on the performance. The walk-behind mowers which are good for less than an acre of land have engines that range from 140cc to 190cc. Engines come in several types. Some are side valve engines, others are overhead valves engines and the rest are the ones with direct overhead valve. Choose an engine that is capable of cutting tall grass, wet grass and leaf mulching. And if you have a budget then nothing better than an overhead-valve engine because it is quieter and has better consumption of fuel.

Comfort & Durability

When it comes to comfort, please note that you will be walking behind or riding golf course mowers for years so it is essential that the mower is comfortable. Comfort can be determined by the height and firmness of a mower.

Durability is defined by features like easy change oil filter, replacement of mower’s pull cord, tuning up a mower etc. If these features are not overlooked, your mower will last for a long time.

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