Traumatic brain injury (TBI) often changes a person’s life forever. This is a closed head injury that often occurs in car accidents or falls, and can be caused by either a direct strike to the head or violent shaking of the head. The treatment of TBI differs according to size, severity and location of the injury in your brain.

If you or your loved one is dealing with such injury you might be thinking of filing a brain injury claim. You might be wondering whether you need a lawyer or what benefits a lawyer can provide by fighting on your behalf.

At Fulmer Sill, we handle complex brain injury claims on behalf of our clients and work to provide maximum compensations for their injuries.

Here are 3 main benefits a TBI lawyer can provide:

1. A brain injury lawyer can provide your strongest case: Since many victims’ cognitive abilities are adversely affected by their TBIs, and many are not from a legal background, they are unequipped to know exactly how to go about their case. A brain injury lawyer, with knowledge of the science of your injury, can assist. We can help you build your case to prove your injury and to prove that another party is liable for you or your loved one’s damages.

2. A brain injury lawyer can provide you maximum compensation: There are many damages you might not be aware of that you can receive for your TBI. With the help of an experienced TBI lawyer you are better positioned to get maximum value for your injury. For example, you can get compensation for things like hospital and doctor expenses and also,if necessary, amounts to pay for someone to help with your daily life because you can’t work due to the injury. You can also recover for the emotional harms that result from your TBI. An experienced lawyer will know the damages you are entitled to and will know how to present your case to attain the most value for your harms.

3. A brain injury lawyer can easily deal with other party accusations: Since an experienced TBI lawyer is familiar with the complexities of these type of cases, they will help protect your best interests throughout the case. If another party tries to give you a low-ball offer, your lawyer will negotiate. If the defense lawyer tries to find fault in your case, including that your injury is not as severe as it is, your lawyer will know how to fight on your behalf.

When seeking justice in your TBI case, it is very important to hire an experienced law firm.
At Fulmer Sill, we have proudly been serving those affected by TBIs for decades. We stand ready to help navigate the legal process while making sure you continue to receive the care you deserve.
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