3 Techniques You Can Use Right Now to Improve Your Ability to Succeed

Most people struggle with reaching success. At times it seems like everything is working against us, but the truth is, we are not working with success. There are tools and techniques that can greatly increase your ability to succeed.

Here are 3 techniques you can use right now to greatly improve your ability to succeed.

1. Start with a clear vision of what your success looks like and feels like.

Ask yourself this question. What does success look like to me? How will I feel when I succeed? It is imperative that you do this. Success can appear in many different forms.

I wrote about this in detail in the ONE chapter book,The Harsh Truths.- When you know what you are reaching for it will be easier to recognize if the path you are on will get you there.

Sometimes it seems like we are going in the right direction but when the dust settles and the excitement dwindles away, you find yourself further from your goal than when you started.

2. Take time to think about what it will be like to achieve your goal.

Really spend some time concentrating on this. Use affirmations to reinforce the feelings of achieving and the feeling of being able to achieve it. You must see yourself succeeding without a doubt.

I use meditation for this step. I find it really helps me gain clarity in not only achieving the goal, but in creating ideas that can get me there. Some of my most influential ideas have come as a result of meditation.

3. Do one thing each day to move you toward reaching your goal.

It can be as simple as reading something motivating. It could be contacting people on your list or booking an appointment with a potential client.

You don’t always have to hit a home-run to win the game, you just have to keep scoring. There are 6 daily actions that I teach as part of my DM training. It really helps to keep you moving forward without the stress of figuring out what to do next each day.

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So to Recap.

Start with a Clear Vision of what you want to accomplish, Take Time to really think about achieving the goal, and Do One Thing each day that moves you forward.

These are the key steps in growing your ability to become successful.

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