We all want a trustworthy partner. But on a second thought do you think you can keep a love relationship, if you are always saying the truth at all times. Normally, both parties lie in certain circumstances. This is done for various reasons. Everyone wants an honest partner especially the women, but can this actually sustain a relationship?

Let’s look at this scenario; imagine after effortlessly cleaning your apartment and then invite your girlfriend to your home for the first time and ask her what she feels about your home and she replies by saying your furnishing is outdated and that she perceives something awful. You would feel bad.

Or you guys are about to make out and you try to crack a joke about the size of your penis, and her response was “my ex’s was quite huge” she would have automatically killed your mood. However, if she had lied about the whole scenario, you would have felt better.

Tell some lies

Telling some little lies could be of benefit to your relationship. In other words, to keep a healthy relationship, you would have to learn how to lie convincingly. Do not talk about your past sex life, most especially if it was amazing. If the discussion pops up, just lie about it. You could say it wasn’t that nice. Do not talk about your ex, even if what you are saying is irrelevant. It might create a negative effect.

Always commend her efforts

Always tell her how beautiful, or how sexy and attractive she looks. Try to commend her efforts. This would boost her self confidence. If she comes up with something you don’t really like, don’t give your true opinion about it, simple say it’s acceptable. Saying otherwise might make her feel disappointed and reticent.

Avoid lying regularly

Women are more sensitive than men. So endeavor to be careful and avoid distasteful jokes about her family. Try not to hurt her feelings evening if it means lying every now and then. White lies aren’t harmful and it seems normal to tell a person what he or she wants to hear at a particular instant.

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Torsi is a professional blogger.