More than any other life skill time management is a weakness for most. A lot of my life coaching clients have goals to get better in this area. With social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn some users spend hours on these sites. What starts as minutes then turns into hours. With smartphones and tablets the mobile accessibility only adds to the fire. The average Facebook user alone spends 11 hours per month on the site. One out of every eight minutes on the internet is spent on Facebook. It is the biggest time dump known to man. Imagine how much more you would get done if didn’t waste all of those hours every month. Procrastination is the most deadly disease known to man. The only known way to combat procrastination is disciplined time management. Today I will give you three simple ways you can limit time wasted on social media sites spanning from moderate to extreme.

1. Invest in a planner

This is one of the most important tools that will help you stay productive. Along with my journals there is nothing I cherish more to keep me on task. A great tip with your daily planning is to create blocks of time in your schedule. No multi-tasking just 60 to 90 minute blocks on a concentrated task. If you give yourself limited blocks of time to use the internet you will not be wasting a lot of time.

2. Use your timer!

I believe a timer is the most underutilized time management tool. Every smartphone has a timer just as they have an alarm. Most of us use the alarm and reminders in our phones. We just usually neglect our timer. So when your performing any task to keep your self-disciplined time yourself. Dedicate only a certain amount of time to the internet especially. Don’t disregard the buzzer either.

3. Block All Social Media Sites!!!

This is for those that have an extreme addiction to their social media sites. If you have an important task to complete this might be recommended for whatever time frame you have. You have to jump back in the social scene in moderation if you truly have an addiction. That is once you unblock your sites. Social media surfing has become an unconscious habit to your daily life so unlearning this habit will be difficult for some. So returning to social media consumption must be done in moderation to train your mind to form a new habit.

Author's Bio: 

Ramone Bellagamba is President and Partner of Executive Lifestyle Group, LLC a New York City based professional training company specializing in Life Coaching, Mentoring and Public Speaking.

As a Time Management/Productivity Coach his focus is on guiding clients who want to increase their productivity and profits discover a process so they can build the business of their dreams, work smarter rather than harder, and live a life with a lot less stress.