The goal here is not to make things complicated, but keep them simple. KISS.

There are lots of secrets to your success but I will highlight only 3.

Be very clear and honest about your value. If you aren't clear yourself you will never be able to demonstrate this to potential clients. When you know your worth, when you know your value you will feel much more confident and, the best news? You will be able to charge more because you know you are worth it and you know you can genuinely help your clients get the results they are looking for.

How is your presence? Are you visible enough? Keep in mind there are two kinds of visibility. The first is on-line. If you have your own business and you're not fiercely on-line, you are missing out on a lot of potential business. All those coaches making multiple six figures and 7 figures have a strong on-line presence.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter cannot be ignored. Facebook and LinkedIn can fit almost any market or audience. We have checked our statistics and our team knows that our audiences of 'women after 50' are not as drawn to Twitter as many other groups are. You need to know these things. Where does your target market hang out on-line?

The second type of visibility is face-to-face. For obvious reasons this is the best by far. I heard a formula that to get a potential client to have a conversation with you or purchase a product the stats are 16 when done remotely/internet and 84 local face-to-face. Conferences help with this also, with the face-to-face. But unless you attend a great many conferences, it can be hit and miss.

You must invest in yourself and your business. At the beginning you may think you can do everything by yourself. You will figure it out soon enough that this is not going to serve you well.

I tried it, you will try it, I can guarantee you it won't work. I can write up this ezine just fine but then my VA (Virtual Assistant) formats it and sends it to you. I have no desire to learn how to do that. And even if I did know how to do that, it would not be the best use of my time.

You cannot build your successful and money making business by yourself. You cannot go it alone. Don't be a Lone Ranger!

Probably the best investment you can make for yourself and your business is to hire a coach. Choose someone who has the type of business you would like and who is successful in it. Don't hire someone who 'used' to have a business but has retired. I say this only because I knew someone who did this. Things change too quickly, not just on the internet but what is trending now and working well now. If someone doesn't have their fingers in the day to day goings on in the business world, they will not be able to help you as much as you deserve.

Choose someone you know, like and trust. Chose someone who you admire and respect. Remember, Jim Rohn (Motivational Speaker) says you are the 'average of the 5 people you spend the most time with'.

Action Step: If you are not clear on your value and how much you have to offer someone, you need to start here. Be honest to yourself about how you are present. Are you being seen? Are you being relevant? Do people look at you as a 'safe' person?

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