Facebook is no more a tool for keeping track of all your old friends but now it's become one of the best and most powerful ways to market your products.
Facebook Ads never seem to stop evolving. Some people looked at it as the most powerful marketing strategy for their business and some actually think that it doesn't work at all. So, you're probably left wondering if Facebook Ads can really help your business, and if so, what kinds of ads and strategies will be the most profitable for you.
Here are three really powerful Facebook ad strategies that'll work for your business and guaranteed to lead to your Facebook ad success.

1. The use of Dynamic Creatives
Traditionally no one knows exactly how a Facebook ad will perform until you've tested it and that's why it's always been best practice to create multiple ads in each ad set which includes ad copy and images and you should also test video formats.

Facebook has recently made it a lot easier by creating Dynamic Creative Ads which allow you to upload multiple versions of images, headlines, and description text and it allows Facebook to plug all these in and find the most effective combination that they can then start putting out above all the others.

This is really useful to save some time and tests a bunch of variations really easily and quickly.
The reporting can be easily understood because Facebook ad reporting will show you all results and because of this you can increase your performance, save time, and maximize your efforts.

You can visit How to create the perfect social media report for your client for a step to step guide.

If you don't have a huge ad budget then don't add too many variations into the mix because each unique combination needs about 500 impressions for Facebook to test it properly. So you can test one element at a time like headlines and use the same image on each or vice versa.

2. Using Facebook Ads Library to Spy on Competitors
Facebook had added a page transparency section to every Facebook business page but this lets you get a little window into what ads that certain businesses or pages are currently running. You can also see when the ads were started so if the ads have been running a long time that can be a really strong indication of how successful threads are. So, this will actually help you identify what your competitor's best-performing headlines and images are. This lets you get into their marketing funnel were and see their front end cold traffic offers, retargeting offers, and the offers that they show later inside of their funnel which can be some of the best advertising opportunities for you and your business.
One really important thing to remember though is that never ever copy your competitors’ ads or use their ads directly for your campaign. Just use these to get ideas from it and then create unique content.

3. Creating Interactive Click to Messenger Facebook Ads
Click messenger Ads are now new marketing secret weapons and this they get customers to engage with your business which is awesome. These are one of the most engaging cost-effective and powerful Facebook ad formats available right now.

Click to messenger ads can be in the form of videos still images or carousel ads. Make sure to include a scripted automated message using a chatbot so the users will receive a greeting immediately after they click on your ad and arrive in that messenger a conversation because at the end of the day customer service is key when it comes to customer retention.

Business pages running click to messenger Facebook ads to see a better ROI than traditional Facebook ads because these ads take people to pre-scripted conversations with your Facebook page and 90% of customers want to communicate with brands over messaging before email.

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