As an entrepreneur, I started off like many, ambitious, ruthless, and hardworking. I dedicated more hours than there are in a day to my business. It didn’t take too long before I found myself burned out and feeling hopeless. My business began to crumble in front of my eyes with my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur slowly fading.

I had two choices at this point, I either let my dreams fade or I change my habits. I learned that while my business is important, it doesn’t mean sacrificing my health for it. In fact, with time I saw that as I started to develop a healthier lifestyle, there was a positive impact on my business. My road to a healthier lifestyle was paved by the following 3 habits. These same habits have contributed to all my success.

1. Learn to Manage Time

Management in any form is a great skill to possess. As an entrepreneur, there is no better management skill to have than time management. Elon Musk is one such entrepreneur that puts emphasis on this particular skill.

The average person usually breaks their day down into one-hour segments. This allows them to feel like they are in control of the day. However, to be successful, I found that I needed to give more detail to my days. In order to have complete control of the day, I started to segment my day into5 minute slots. This mentally presented me with a lot more time than if I was to segment by the hour.

I created a daily schedule and made sure to do it a week in advance. By doing this, I knew exactly what I was to do and when I was to do it. Through creatingsuch a meticulous schedule, I was able to pick out tasks that needed my attention the most and slot them as per their urgency. This also allowed me to determine which tasks I would not be able to fit into my schedule. These were tasks that I would delegate to others.

The schedule ensured that I got my work done in time and also shared my burden with others so I wouldn’t burn myself out.

2. Adopt a Fitness Routine

I am not at all athletic but I wished that I had incorporated a fitness routine a bit earlier in my life. From Mark Zuckerberg to Richard Branson, you will find many successful entrepreneurs take on a different form of exercise from running to playing a sports in their daily routine. I took up yoga and cardio which helped me balance both my body and mind.

From the moment I started yoga, I could feel the burden of my business begin to lift from my shoulders. The activity helped me find a balance in my life that I never had before.

The time of day you exercise is also important, I found my days would be a lot more active when I would exercise in the morning. By morning, I don’t mean around 8 AM, my mornings begin at around 5:30 AM with 30-minutes of yoga. This allows me to center myself every day while also stretching my body so I can feel mentally and physical energized.

Tips to consider when incorporating a form of physical activity in your day:
• Find a time that is suitable for you, maybe morning might not be the best time for you. You can do it later on in the day, but be sure to find the time to exercise.
Exercise doesn’t always have to equate to going to the gym. If you enjoy sports, you can pick that up and go out and play daily.
• Set goals for yourself as you exercise, this will keep you motivated. Also, music helps as a great form of motivation if you plan to exercise on your own.

3. Find Time for Yourself and Reflect

You won’t learn from your mistakes or understand all that you do that is right if you don’t start to reflect on a daily basis. I find it easiest to find a little “me time,” 10-15 minutes before I decide to head to bed. This presents me with the chance to reflecton my day, all that I accomplished and what I couldn’t.

The process of reflection enables me to take the right measures to move on from the mistakes I might have made in the day. I take mental notes or write down what I need to do the next day or from then onwards so I don’t make the same mistakes. Reflection also lets me look back at all the positives of the day, allowing me to think of ways I can continue to keep the positive actions on a daily basis.

Taking time out for yourself to reflect is a habit that entrepreneurs like Sidd Pigidipati promote. It will not only enable you to become successful but also help you keep your head on straight.

Author's Bio: 

I am a small entrepreneur and a writer. In this article, I have shared 3 leadership habits you must possess to become successful.