Whether it is mild or severe, the effect of anxiety on a person’s mind and body is always negative. Most people consider anxiety to be the root cause of the problem, which however is not true. Anxiety is merely the effect part, whereas stress is actually the cause that triggers the reaction.

While both stress and anxiety are on the opposite end of the scale, working in tandem, both these conditions are completely dependent on a person’s mindset and their reaction towards adverse situations in life.

Keeping this fact in mind, if the mind could be attributed for creating a negative impact, it can definitely lead to a positive outcome too. Our mind is the most powerful organ in the body, and there has been proven studies stating that merely with the effect of mind power, people have known to heal their ailments.

As both preventive and curative measures, there are constructive changes that you can bring in life, which will positively counter affect your chances of getting stressed and hence becoming anxious.

Here are three such changes that you can adopt right now, and which will have a profound influence on your perspective towards anxiety:


Make it a habit to sit down once a week and introspect. Think about the juncture your life is at the current moment, and whether or not you are happy with it. What are the changes that you should implement in your life, and what are the factors that are adding up to your stress list.

Aside from the reasons, also analyze what your perception is regarding things in general and stress-causing activities in particular. Are you a take-charge kind of person, or do you whine? Be honest with yourself, if you live in denial, you will never be able to improvise and enhance the quality of your life.


Not only exercising when you are stressed helps you to let off steam, by making your brain releasing endorphins (the feel good hormones, which instantly lifts up your mood), it also helps to prepare your brain to stress less.

Also known as meditation in motion, regular exercising has proven to reduce symptoms that are mainly associated with anxiety disorder. Not to mention that it curbs certain side effects of anxiety, such as insomnia, depression, muscle tension and hyperventilation.

Whether you choose to run or engage in yoga, the choice is yours. However, yoga is hailed to be more effective as it especially helps with elevated breathing, but in the end go for the one that truly works for you.

Limit or forgo alcohol

People generally turn to alcohol when they are stressed or worried. This is not a healthy habit and in a survey conducted on alcoholics, it showed that not only people who regularly consumed alcohol were more likely to be stressed, the level of their anxiety worsened when they were on alcohol.

Try to regain control of your life and depending on alcohol, drugs, and cigarette just brings out our weaker side, making us dependent on harmful substances and causing serious mind and health issues.

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My name is Mulyadi Kurnia. I am a practitioner of meditation and yoga and has been experiencing the benefits of the practices. Through this article, I intend to share my knowledge and experience on stress-related topics. For more information on stress management tips, visit http://www.stopstressandanxiety.com, http://www.howtotreatanxiety.preferredmall.com