Spiritual workshop flyers can be an effective way to market and fill your events if the following are true...

• You use flyers in combination with other marketing materials and strategies.

• You display them in a place that has good foot traffic (provided that those feet are attached to your ideal workshop guests).

• Your flyers ROCK!

Here are a couple of MUST HAVE tips to make sure YOUR spiritual workshop flyers ROCK...

MUST HAVE #1: An Engaging Workshop Description With Benefits-Rich Bullet Points

If you get stuck when trying to write your marketing copy, start with a list of 3 to 5 benefits that people will receive when they attend your spiritual workshop.

Feature these as bullet points in your flyer and write the rest of your copy around them. Remember to stay BENEFITS FOCUSED!

MUST HAVE #2: Always, Always, Always Include a Photo of Yourself

This is a personal touch that you cannot overlook. Your photo gives potential guests a sense of connection to you, a feeling of familiarity and comfort.

Place a clear headshot of yourself in the upper left or right corner of the flyer. Make sure you look friendly and approachable in the photo ~ no crossed arms or serious glances. Invite people in with your SMILE!

MUST HAVE #3: Don't Forget Your Call To Action

Always remember to tell people HOW to register for your workshop. Ideally, you want people to RSVP and pay in advance. Not only will this give you an indication of the number of guests to expect, it also commits people to the workshop so you'll have fewer "no shows."

You must make this process easy for your guests. Never list multiple numbers or websites for registration. Your call to action should be direct, simple and prominently located on your flyer.

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Author's Bio: 

Rev. Michele McGrew is a spiritual practitioner and coach who teaches heart-centered entrepreneurs to fill their practices and market their businesses with grace and ease.

Known for filling her local workshops and providing outstanding spiritual services within her community, Michele is passionate about sharing her authentic marketing skills with other spiritual practitioners so they can help more people, make more money AND work with the clients they love.

By blending spirituality, energy dynamics and good, solid business skills, Michele helps her clients create a steady stream of ideal clients into their business by marketing their services with total integrity so that they can let their light and passion shine in the world through the inspired work that they do.

Michele is a native Floridian who happily shares a home with her husband, son, 2 dogs and 3 cats. She is also the current President of the Alliance of Divine Love Ministry's Florida Board of Directors. For more from Michele, go to www.SacredMarketingSolutions.com.