Do you find it difficult to tell if a guy is into you or not? This is because male attraction signals are often indirect and confusing. This uncertainty will only make it more difficult to recognize these signs.

The following are some male attraction signals that will help you know whether you are in the right track, and when you should make the first move.

Signal # 1: Body Language

A man who is interested in you will try to attract your attention - sometimes subtly, sometimes loudly. He may become fidgety, trying to fix and smoothen his clothes or his hair. You will notice his body facing towards your direction, or his eyes trying to find yours.

If he is in a group, he will express his individuality by standing apart from them. He will also try to make an impact by dressing and looking impressively. You will see him always preening himself, checking his reflection, stroking his tie, straightening his clothes, or touching his face.

You may also find that his eyebrows are raised a little when you're speaking with him, conveying his excitement in your presence.

Signal # 2: Touching

A guy touching you and making excuses to touch you are positive male attraction signals. A man who can’t verbally express his attraction will most likely do so in other ways, especially by touching the person he is attracted to.

If he is “accidently” bumping you, brushing his arm against yours, or touching the small of your back when he is trying to guide you, you can bet he is interested in you.

Signal # 3: Conversation

A guy likes you when he goes out of his way to talk to you and works to keep the conversation flowing. He will listen closely to what you say, ask questions, and keep eye contact.

While some men hide their attraction by flirtatious teasing, joking and throwing mock insults at girls, some openly and generously give girls compliments. The revealing signal here is that a guy who likes you enjoys talking to you and being around you.

A guy who is uninterested will not look at you in the eye, change the topic of your conversation, or else would cut it completely and move away.

A man expresses his attraction not only through his words, but most especially through his actions. The important thing to remember when figuring out male attraction signals is that a girl should always be attentive and sensitive.

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