Fiona is a talented holistic practitioner who knows her worth in the world. She's got a big vision and an even bigger purpose - to help men and women struggling with Chronic Fatigue overcome the debilitating effects of their condition to live full, happy and productive lives again. Just like she did.

Yet just a few months ago, Fiona was struggling to choose her niche. Even though she was already serving a handful of Chronic Fatigue clients in her practice (and loving it!) like many big-hearted practitioners, she was hesitant to commit to serving just one type of client.

Then, in a recent coaching session, Fiona reconnected with the energy of her personal transformation, her own "Hero's Journey" to wholeness. Once she recognized the significance of her signature story, she made the bold decision to dedicate her practice to helping people just like her.

With that single commitment, she quickly mapped out a private program she knew would get her clients the results they wanted. Then she put together a simple list-building website designed to put her client attraction process on auto-pilot.

With the power of her decision to support her, Fiona is well on her way to creating a practice that will allow her to enrich more lives while making a very generous income.

Here's the secret Fiona discovered...

Decision is an act of creation. "At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you." - Goethe

When you decide and take action - even imperfect action - you activate forces seen and unseen that come together on your behalf. That's why "decide and take action" is the #1 key to growing your practice into the big holistic and spiritual service you crave. Are you on the fence waffling back and forth on a decision you want to make in your business? To help you move forward with confidence, ask yourself these 3 magic questions:

**Magic Question #1: What gets to happen for me and my clients?
Commitment has consequences. When your intention behind a decision is positive, the results will be too. So imagine that you're following your favorite client around for a day. What kinds of situations are you seeing in that are showing you she's experiencing the positive results of your decision? When you're clear on what's possible for you and your clients, that's when it becomes easier to make a decision and take the next step.
**Magic Question #2: Who do I get to be?

When you make a decision and step forward, you can't help but expand and become a bigger version of you. So ask yourself, "As someone who has made the decision to _________, who do you get to be?" Then wait for the answer. Who that person is will be more than you realize today.

**Magic Question #3: How does this serve my higher purpose in the world?
As holistic and spiritual practitioners, we know how our commitment to our highest spiritual purpose continues to pull us forward, even when we feel less than confident. To put the final touch on any decision you make, take a moment to notice how it supports your spiritual purpose in the world. Then make that decision. Take a step forward. And watch for signs of affirmation.
Like Fiona discovered with her new niche, the affirmation from Universe is always there to support you!

Author's Bio: 

Michele McGrew is a spiritual business coach teaching heart-centered metaphysical practitioners to fill their practices with clients they LOVE.

Blending spirituality and good, solid business skills, Michele helps divine feminine entrepreneurs create abundant businesses so they can increase their impact and their income by marketing their services with integrity! To learn more, go to