If you are reading the news or watching TV, may I suggest one word: STOP.

You already know things are not the greatest right now. You don’t need to be reminded over and over. And over and over. Yes, the joys of 24 hour news.

You may not be able to do anything about upcoming taxes or tensions in N. Korea but you can make 3 adjustments to your life that will greatly improve it. By doing these, with enough people and enough time, they will greatly improve the world.

For now, lets just stick to you and me.

Key 1. Foster an attitude of Rugged Individualism.

Great achievements throughout history were achieved by the raw, powerful determination of men and women. Despite everything, they overcame due to their inner fire.

Today, too many have become dependent upon the government. They have created a modern day slave, but instead of horrible chains and whips, the means are “free” checks and empty promises. He or She who giveth can easily take away. Too many are at the mercy. Mind you there are those that are truly in need. Years ago, I worked with mentally handicapped and these are the individuals who genuinely need our help. Most do not receive enough because those that can provide for themselves, are not.

Release the binds! Commit to returning to a new, fresh spirit of independence and freedom. Be the Master of your Spirit and the Ruler of your Life. Create the life you envisioned and those with similar eyes, will follow your lead.

Key 2. Allow Freedom of Religion.

It can be argued strongly that more people have suffered and died due to the “my religion is better than your religion” thinking than any other reason. In fact, all reasons combined.

You don’t know which is “best.” Neither do I. It is really unlikely that there is a “best.” There are only choices and if one person prefers Choice A, allow them to follow their beliefs. Bluntly stated, it is none of your business. It is none of my business. Allow each person to make their choice and follow the path they deem perfect for them.

Many spokes. One center.

Key 3. Respect.

Whether you like your R word with soul ala, Aretha Franklin or loud and hear piercing like Pantera, respect is more than a word (or song). It is a guide for life.

Respect each other, complete with differences, flaws, quirks and irritating habits.

Respect Nature, with Her perfect beauty and endless abundance.

Respect yourself, discovering the magnificent talents and gifts in the process.

There are certainly more than 3 keys can could be included here. If we start with a doable number — something we could commit to — I suspect many other issues will resolve themselves.

Imagine what a world we would have then.

Author's Bio: 

David Orman is the author of TheOrdinaryBuddha.com.