What is a vision board? It is a visual anchor for your goals.

How a vision board works: We create and attract into our lives what we think and feel about the most. Relying on the the conscious mind to stay focused on one thought is really like trying to herd chickens - you tend to go all over the place. The subconscious mind is far more reliable and easy to program. It has two main functions: to guide you towards what you tell it feels good, and away from what doesn't. Most people aren't that specific with their subconscious mind and tend to attract by default - through past programming of what it links up with 'feel good' or 'feel bad'.

The Vision Board reminds us of the things we want to be, do, or have. When we look at it often with delighted expectation, it gives instructions to our subconscious mind that these things are good. The subconscious mind will then be on the look out for people, things and opportunities that will line up with our desires. And what you focus on, expands. Cool, huh?

Key 1: There are no rules! You can your vision board for whatever feels good. It's your license to be creative, have fun, and put up stuff that rocks your socks off. It's the rocking of the socks that is key.

Key 2: What NOT to put on your vision board. This includes any 'shoulds', 'sounds good', or 'my parents would be so proud of me if...' This is YOUR life you get to play it any way you like, full out selfish-like, self-first all the way - your way or the highway, baby!

However, here are some things you might consider putting on your Vision Board: magazine clippings and images of your dream home, ideal vacation, inspiring body shapes, cool cars, nice jewellery, groovy furnishings, inspiring travel destinations; cut out words or phrases or poems that uplift you; postcards of places you'd like to visit; thank you cards from happy clients; photos of people and things you already appreciate in your life; post it notes with messages of appreciation from your imagined perfect client; funny, happy images; anything goes really.

Key 3: The most important thing about Vision Boards -don't turn to the Vision Board to uplift you. Get in a happy state, and then look to the Vision Board. This is critical! Otherwise you might associate boredom, irritation or frustration with your desires. Anchor them positively in your subconscious mind while you are in a feel-good state.

Be sure to update your Vision Board regularly - your desires expand continuously - keep up with them!

And remember - life is for living - practise the Art of Blissipline: love where you are right now, while being in a state of delighted expectation for what is yet to come.

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