It took me awhile to figure this out. Abundance is a reflection of the love you flow in your life. The more love you feel, the more abundant riches of all kinds manifest. It's a beautiful relationship - you flow love, and abundance flows back to you.

Before you think I'm going all hippie on you, let's get to the nitty gritty: there are three key relationships where amping up the love vibe brings big results in the prosperity department.

Your Money Relationship: Love Your Money. If you want more money, you've got to love money. If money was a person, how would you describe your relationship with it? Trusting, happy, faithful, appreciative? Or more like struggle, anxiety, and grasping? Which one would you prefer?

You've got to treat it with love, respect, and appreciation. Use a nice wallet. File your bills and accounts carefully in tidy nice-looking folders. Say 'thank you' every time you receive or give money. Acknowledge what money has already done for you in your life.

Your Relationship With Your Self: Love Yourself. Money is a symbol of appreciation. Often if there is a lack of financial abundance in someone's life, it's because they also lack a sense of self-love, of deserving, of feeling worthy. Without feeling deserving, it is impossible to allow in any kind of abundance - financial or otherwise. When you love yourself, you resonate with the vibration of flow, of grace, of allowing - the perfect match to abundance.

How do you shift this one? Start with some self-appreciation. Make a list of your achievements, of your attributes, your favourite features. Talk nicely to yourself. Do nice things for yourself: bath, massage, foot soak and scrub, afternoon nap. Your best relationship should be with yourself.

Your Relationship With Your Money Channel: Love Your Job or Business. How many times do you hear people whinge about their work? Seriously, this is major resistance. You can't flow dislike, resentment, frustration and expect abundance. They're just not a match.

Turn this around by finding positive aspects in your current situation. Tell a new story about how change is coming, how your current situation is preparing you for something even better, about how appreciative you are of this learning and growth experience. By making peace with where you are right now, you'll be able to open to new possibilities.

Coach's Challenge: How are your relationships with money? With your Self? With your money channel? Are you in love with each? If not, start flowing some love in each of those areas. You'll be soon be a prosperity love machine!

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