Candace spent 2 months crafting the perfect website for her healing practice. She chose soothing colors. Serene photos. Inspiring quotes. Then she spent 6 months wondering why she didn't get any new clients from it.

Have you invested time, energy and money in a website that's not attracting more clients?

Take heart. With a few simple tweaks, you can change your website into a compelling source of hope that attracts new clients who call you.
~ Ingredient #1: A Transformational Home Page That Clearly Shows the Before and After

As a holistic or spiritual practitioner, you do what you do because you feel a deep inner call to transform lives in a profound way.
You get a real sense of fulfillment when you guide your clients out of the pain and frustration they're in, into the beauty, wonder and wholeness of who they really are.
That's a compelling vision. And one you need to show your visitors right away.
After all, if the promise of your work isn't right there on your home page, your visitors may never click any deeper into the site.
~ Ingredient #2: A Gift That Gives Visitors Real Value, and Gives You Permission to Stay In Touch
When it comes to creating a relationship with new clients, your website is like a first date. Even if they're intrigued, unless you give them a reason to stick around, most visitors will leave your site and never return. That's why you want to give them a gift in exchange for giving you permission to stay in touch. Try a simple checklist, a guided meditation, a helpful report. Or one of our favorites: A how-to e-mail course delivered over time. As long as your free gift helps your visitors solve one of the pain points that brought them to you, they'll trust you to supply the rest. And they'll willingly wait to hear more.
~ Ingredient #3: A Personal Peek at the Real You

Your visitors don't want a relationship with your website. Or even your expert credentials. What they want is a relationship with YOU. So if your website lacks passion and soul, the experience will feel cold. And your visitors will turn away. To form an energetic bond with your visitors, be willing to share something true about you. For instance:

- Why do you love what you do?
- What makes you so passionate about healing the particular challenges your clients are coming to you for?
- In what way have you walked the same path as your clients?

Your open-hearted vulnerability will feel safe to your visitors. And they'll open their hearts to you.

Author's Bio: 

Michele McGrew is a spiritual business coach teaching heart-centered metaphysical practitioners to fill their practices with clients they LOVE.

Blending spirituality and good, solid business skills, Michele helps divine feminine entrepreneurs create abundant businesses so they can increase their impact and their income by marketing their services with integrity! To learn more, go to