If you want great results, you need great behaviours/habits, beliefs, values, focus. So how do you cultivate a winning and positive attitude? Sometimes it's born from your environment (if you are very lucky): your parents taught you all about how to identify your soul purpose, were encouraging in every way, taught you how to live in line with your values, and gave you excellent experiences.

Even if you did have this idyllic upbringing, learning and growing is a natural state of being. One of the ways I love to evolve is by exposure to other great leaders, and through great writers.

Here are three awesome books that will definitely expand your thinking.

1. "Losing My Virginity" by Richard Branson

What an awesome story! Some of the things I discovered were: Branson has a fear of public speaking (amazing but true), he had many failures including his first venture the journal Student, he made every business decision based primary and mostly on the metric 'is it fun?' Reading about the evolution of the Virgin brand is the evolution and expansion of a human being's capacity to dream, dare, and bring people along with you. Rating: awesome.

2. "The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch - Inspire Self. Inspire Others. Inspire the World" by Lance Secretan

This is one of the most accessible leadership books I've ever read. Plus, it has the easiest and most powerful methodologies for determining your 'life purpose' that I've ever encountered: start with what you consider the 'terrathreats' - the one or two things that are at the root cause of humanity's concerns. Summarise in one word if possible. Next, identity its exact opposite - this becomes your 'terrafix'. Play with the terrafix as a statement, and you have your life purpose and destiny. Cool, huh? Secretan follows with more practical and easy to sift focus on your calling and character, values to lead by, and how to lead and inspire others. An excellent read for all people - leaders in the home, community, life, and business.

3. "The Answer" by John Assaraf

This is the best read I have found that explains beautifully the quantum physics principles behind the law of attraction and how these blend in a practical way with business development. Assaraf's 'neuroconditioning' process is also easy-to-understand and easy to implement - and it works! The basics: get into a feel-good state, imagine and visualise in vivid details what you want to create/be/experience, repeat several times per day with affirmation statements and other subconscious reminders. Since I started implementing his strategy, I have had a significant change in revenue and an influx of new, amazing opportunities. It works and I am definitely a fan.

Coach's Challenge: Read something new this month - and tell someone what was great about it

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