There's no doubt about it- everything is energy and the energy you give is the energy you receive. So what are some sure-fire ways of absolutely knowing what kind of energy you're putting out and, more important, getting back? Glad you asked because in this article I'm going to share with you 3 easy (and fun!) ways you can be certain that the energy you're putting out is high vibrational and WILL- in the right time and in the right way for you- attract back to you the same high vibrations in the form of people, circumstances, and things. So let's get right to it!

1) GIVE, GIVE, GIVE! In order to receive whatever it is you most want, be it time, money, love, etc, you must first GIVE it away HAPPILY and FREELY. Now be honest, does that seem kind of crazy? I can just hear you now "Vania I am dead broke and in need of money NOW and you want me to GIVE money away and do it happily and freely??!" Well, yes that's exactly what I want you to do. I know it seems totally nuts and counterintuitive but when you really need something how do you feel? Desperate? Constricted? Needy? When you are sending those kinds of vibrations out into the universe what do you think you're going to attract back to you? That's right- more desperation, constriction, and neediness! However, when you give something away happily and generously that energy has no choice but to come back to you at a later time in the right way. So whatever it is that you feel you want or need most go give it away with a genuine smile on your face (and in your heart). One last thing before I move on to #2: NEVER expect anything from the person or place you gave to; that's you getting in the way of the universe and as I said before you WILL get back whatever you gave, but in the RIGHT TIME AND WAY DECIDED BY THE UNIVERSE. And trust me when I say the universe can give you SO much more than the person or place you gave to! So get to it- smile and give give give!

2) Dwell in the energy of love and appreciation: I'm sure you have heard the saying "what you appreciate appreciates". That about sums up exactly what I mean by dwell in the energy of love and appreciation. Feel love and appreciation, well, for anything and everything! Stop right now and think of 5 things or people that you really love and appreciate, really FEELING how much love and appreciation you have for them. Stay in that energy for even just 1 minute and you have already sent out some powerful, high vibrations that are already on their way back to you! There's no doubt that love and appreciation are among the highest, purest vibrations and when you consistently send them out into the universe they will always find their way back to you. So love, love, love, appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!

3) Choose to be happy and live in the present moment as much as you can! This kind of ties into having love and appreciation for anything and everything except it's about being present-i.e. get out of your head!- and choosing to be happy no matter what is going on around you. I can hear your screams once again "Vania, I'm totally out of shape and can't pay my bills and you want me to be happy about this?!" Well, once again yes I do actually :) I don't want you to necessarily be happy about the fact that you're out of shape and can't pay your bills, I want you to do your best about those situations (go jogging, maybe get a second job, etc.) and then ACTIVELY SHIFT your focus on to things you are happy about, no matter how small or insignificant. It doesn't matter what you're happy about as long you are truly FEELING happy (about absolutely ANYTHING!) All that matters is you're sending out vibrations of happiness and feeling good. You can have a lot of fun with this! Use your imagination and visualize even for just a few minutes the way you really want your life to be. This is really simple yet really powerful! And fun! It will make you feel good and send out really high vibrations into the universe.

And there you have it- 3 reliable ways to ensure the energy you are sending out is exactly the kind of energy you want coming back to you. Try them out for the next few weeks and please let me know of all the wonderful manifestations occurring in your life! Until next time just are magnificent!

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Vania Dimitian is an in-demand life coach specializing in the areas of law of attraction, relationships, and intuition. Visit her website for an amazing FREE report title "7 Secrets of Self-love" and to schedule a FREE "Manifest your Magnificence" strategy session.