Valentine’s Day has three basic gift options: flowers, chocolate, or chocolate flowers. My love language is “gifts,” and though I love getting roses on Valentine’s Day, I also really like being surprised. My favorite Valentine’s was when my husband ordered something off of Amazon and had it delivered on Valentine’s Day. When I got home, I saw the package sitting on the table and opened it to find the first season of my favorite television show was inside! It may sound strange, but that was way more romantic for me than a dozen roses.

People love to be thought of and value gifts which make them feel special. Everyone needs a “cheerleader” in their life, and Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to make someone feel special. Here are 3 different gift ideas to surprise your honey on Valentine’s Day:

Reasons Why I Love You Chocolate Box:

Most chocolate boxes have a diagram on the inside cover outlining each chocolate’s flavor. On each chocolate picture, write a number on that spot. Have the number correspond to a notecard which you have written detailing a reason why you love that person. There’s between 15-20 chocolates in a box, so be prepared to write 20 different notecards. But, as the person eats each chocolate, he or she also gets to read the notecard with that chocolate’s number. It’s a great way to make that person feel special.

Notecard Hunt:

Take 15-20 notecards and write an action on each of them. For instance, “1 Free Foot Rub” or “Homemade Smoothie Night” or “Hot Oil Massage.” Then, fold each of the notecards and hide them around the house (Keep a list of where you hid them. I’ve forgotten before and found them months later!). Bring your spouse or loved one in the house blindfolded. Set a timer or play your favorite song and give them until the song ends to find the notecards. Any of the notecards that they find they get to cash in on later! Note: Make sure the notecards are a bright color, so they are easier to find . . . unless you really want to make it a challenge!

What I Love About You Fountain:

This one is more of an initial investment. Find an indoor tabletop fountain which fits your significant other’s personality or style. You can find many of them under $30 dollars if they’re resin or ceramic. Make sure it has a wide basin though, because you’ll be decorating it with river rocks! Then, find a business who does pocket rock engraving (or engraved stone hearts are even better!). On each rock (the number of rocks is up to you), engrave an adjective which you admire about your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend. Things like “brave” or “hopeful” or “loyal.” Then, either wrap it up for that person to open or set it up ahead of time. When the fountain is set up, go through each stone with the person and describe why you love that characteristic about him or her.

Though my love language is “gifts,” it means more to me to be given a present which was thoughtfully designed for me rather than something that was picked up at a store. Everyone wants to know that they are loved, and everyone needs to hear why they are special. Make this Valentine’s Day special by giving your significant other a gift which tells them how precious they are.

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