It would be fair to say that the term "personal brand" is relatively new on the block. After all, if one were to wind back the clock a few years, there's no doubt that there would have been a lot of raised eyebrows had this phrase been mooted.

Nowadays, particularly when it comes to the topic of management, it's big news. Many believe that a solid personal brand is effectively the path to riches; it's something which enhances others' opinion of you and subsequently heightens your chances of success. Usually, this relates to the workplace and various promotions, but it could also be applied to your personal life where the philosophy is the same.

Following on from the above, today's post is going to take a look at three key areas which shape your personal brand. In truth, there are a whole lot more, but these are three areas which you can tackle immediately and subsequently carve a much richer path for yourself.

First priority: your teeth

It sounds as though it's quite a small element of your personal brand, but your teeth can make a monumental difference to how people perceive you. Not only that, but there are benefits to your own confidence levels as well. For example, if you are the type of person who is completely self-conscious about how your teeth look and perhaps try and "hide" your smile, it stands to reason that this is going to affect the way you interact with others.

So, what can you do? Teeth whitening is one option, while you can also opt for porcelain veneers which can also make a substantial difference. In truth, everyone's requirements are going to be different, but one thing that remains consistent is that good teeth are going to bring out the best of you and your personality, and ultimately take you further.

Next on the list: your clothing

Are we going to suggest that you should invest in a designer wardrobe? In reality, this isn't going to happen.

It means that everyone has to get creative with their clothing, in a bid to create that personal brand which is really going to make a difference with your professional career. Suffice to say, if you rock up in jeans and a t-shirt everyday (unless you are part of some of the modern tech startups where this is pretty much the norm) you probably aren't going to be taken seriously. Instead, you need to dress to your own body shape, and also the situation that you are going to be presented with. Again, different companies have different dress cultures, and the best advice is to just edge slightly more formal than the norm to make that striking personal impact.

Finally, this can be a gradual process. As everyone knows, buying a new wardrobe isn't a cheap affair, but you can make a step-by-step difference by investing in smaller items like new shoes and even jewelry to get you there.

Finally: your communication

So far, we have just looked at how you look However, there is much more to your personal brand than esthetics, and we will now focus on the way that you communicate with others.

First and foremost, this doesn't involve simply the words that come out of your mouth. A study has found that body language is the most important thing you can do when communicating; it's thought to contribute to about 55% of your overall communication. As such, getting this right from the start can make a monumental difference to the way in which people perceive you and ultimately, react to you.

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I am a Marketer more than an author. Branding is the sign, names symbols, products and services of any company. When you have a name of your products and services in the minds of people then its mean that you have branding.