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Why is it that we write? To record. We write to capture moments. Moments of ideas, of inspiration, of opinions, or of abstract thought. These recorded moments become part of our history. They can be popularized and find themselves in libraries of the future. Or they can be personal diaries that get discovered by archeologists who now have a new found artifact of history.

In every moment there is so much communication that it could take many moments to analyze one particular moment. Therefore, we have no way of analyzing any moment until we have a way of first recording our moments.

There are paradigms kinds of recording - there's recording in the moment, and there's recording for a specific purpose. When we record with a specific purpose, we automatically add a particular filter to the analyzing (that is, we’ve catered our writing to a particular market, hoping to get a particular outcome). And when we record in the moment, we leave the analyzing open to all possibilities.

Writing is art. I've never sat down and said, “Oh, let me think about a distinction!” That never happens; the distinctions have to come to me, and they come mostly in moments of inspiration. I could be on the Subway, in the shower, or almost falling asleep. When writing in the moment, I don’t know where the writing is going to end up. It could go in this article, be the context for a future interview, be in an upcoming book, or it could go in the trash. We don't predetermine where it will go, we allow it to discover its own journey.

We can then add the “purpose” of the writing later. So that’s what I’m going to do now. What’s the intended outcome of this article? To illustrate that anyone can be a good writer. Let’s not sit down and try to write something and wonder why we have “writers’ block.” Rather, let’s carry a recording device (tape recorder, or an old-fashioned pen/paper), and record in moments of inspiration. Everyone has a book inside of them. The secret is in discovering the best process to get it out.

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I am a blind, Pakistani albino. Really. That's who I am. I'm an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author of "A Dictionary of Distinctions."

My vision is to help transform the lives of millions of people around the world through a new media genre: the convergence of entertainment and inspiration.

For example, I produced "What is Love?" -- http://www.TheLoveMovie.com -- a three minute movie on the Internet, now seen by a million people across 112 countries. My greatest passion is working with projects like co-producing hit shows (such as I DECIDE and SHIFT), and now working on a feature-length reality-based biographical movie of my life called "an Ordinary Story"!

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