Whatever goal you set out to achieve, staying motivated is not always easy.

It's sometimes claimed that if the goal is big enough and important enough than that is all the motivation needed to getting out there and achieving it. This theory does have merits. However, regardless of what kind of goal we may set ourselves, the challenges and obstacles we will inevitably face along the way can sometimes affect our focus and motivation.

If it's a job promotion you want; you want to lose weight and get fit; or maybe you want to start and grow your own successful business, whatever your goal, staying motivated is one of the keys to achieving it.

Below are three tips that you can follow to help you stay motivated and focused on accomplishing any goal you set yourself.


"If you've been there in the mind you'll go there in the body.". Dr Denis Waitley

Visualization is very powerful technique where you purposefully create images within your mind to help speed up the manifestation of your goals.

If your goal was to lose weight and get fitter, then seeing yourself looking slimmer, fitter, healthier and more confident will serve as a great motivation to keep working hard and moving forward toward that desired outcome.

Sometimes people have difficulty visualizing images in their mind. If this is something you experience then what has proved very helpful for many people is to create a 'vision board'. Basically this is a collage of images that are representative of all the things you want and achieve in life. If for example you wanted to become an Olympic champion athlete then your images will symbolic of all things associated with the Olympics and winning i.e. the Olympic rings, a gold medal, standing on the podium, the stadium and the track.


Important goals are very rarely achieved overnight. The bigger and more meaningful the goal the more time and effort will be required before it is realized. Big goals can often overwhelm and de-motivate people. To prevent this from happening, break down your goals into smaller more manageable steps.

Also it's very important to remember to celebrate each successful step of your goal journey. Acknowledging the mini-victories and rewarding yourself when milestones are reached will help keep you excited, motivated and disciplined.


Personally I draw a great deal of inspiration from motivational quotes and also success stories of people, who through hard work, grit and determination have overcome the odds to attain unrivalled success. The journeys of people like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison and more recently Harland David "Colonel" Sanders (Founder Of KFC) to name just a few, are success stories that in my opinion can't fail to inspire and motivate you to keep chasing your dreams.

It's also very helpful to seek the advice of people you admire and who have achieved all the things that you're working toward. They'll be able to give you insights on overcoming challenges and staying motivated in life to keep pursuing your most prized goals.

Another real effective way of maintaining your focus and preventing discouragement taking a grip is to team up with someone who is similarly striving to accomplish an important goal or dream. Working closely together will serve as a great motivational tool that will help lead you both to success. Also each of you can hold the other accountable when there's a loss of focus or a wane in commitment.

Achieving goals and living the life you want can easily be yours if you're prepared to roll up your sleeves and put in some work. By applying these three simple but powerful methods of staying motivated you'll be well on the way to realizing incredible success.

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Your ability to motivate yourself is crucial to you realizing your goals. Motivation is the force that keeps driving you forward toward achievement and success. Go and discover some more powerful ways to staying motivated to inspire you toward achieving your every goal.