I find lists to be very helpful, don’t you?

And when it comes to Love and happiness, it may feel like a rather vague concept.

That makes it hard to put your finger on how you can improve your situation, should you find yourself unsatisfied.

So I’ve put together a 21 point Love Checklist for you.

Our cars get this kind of special attention at the dealership, so why shouldn’t we take the time to check on ourselves periodically?

This Love checklist covers the basics of self-care and connectedness. Each one of these items are very important to your health, happiness and overall lifestyle of Love and pleasure.

Check this handy list to see if there are some easy adjustments you can make to improve your mood . . . or maybe even your whole life!

♥1. Breathing. Very simple. Amazingly easy to overlook!

♥2. Posture. How you hold yourself affects how you feel, how you see the world, and how the world sees you.

♥3. Hydration. Just drinking more water can help a whole lot!

♥4. Nutrition. This is an extensive topic. Just think about what you’re feeding yourself and how you can keep eating more whole, nutrient dense foods and less processed, sugary foods. Lots of veggies and lean protein.

♥5. Exercise. Have fun using your incredible body. Start where you’re at and just move!
(*Consult your doctor. Regular check ups are a great form of self-care.)

♥6. Rest. Have a bedtime. Have a wake time. Enjoy your sleep and your day will be a dream.

♥7. Grooming. Clean and neat, as my Mom would say. Take care of yourself like you’re a celebrity ~ You’re famous to everyone that knows you!

♥8. Self-talk. Check in often to see that you are speaking kindly to yourself. Check out Love Vocabulary for some positive word ideas.

♥9. Laughter. Find some good sources for humor. Funny friends, books or movies will work. Laughter really is the best!

♥10. Positive Input. Make sure you’re reading uplifting words, viewing joyful video and spending time with happy people!

♥11. Conscientious Consumption. Following the idea of positive input, also be aware of and cautious about feeding your mind negativity from media and people who insist on looking for problems instead of possibilities.

♥12. Meditation. Quieting the mind lets inspiration flow and peace reign.

♥13. Journaling. A perfect way to pay more attention to what works and what needs improvement. Jot down notes about the day and write out what you want in detail.

♥14. Environment. Just like you must take care of yourself, you’ll feel better when you take good care of your surroundings.

For more on this, read Set the Stage for Success: De-Clutter, Get Organized and Love Your Life by yours truly.

♥15. Communication. Expressing yourself clearly is vital to a healthy self-image and Loving relationships. Understanding others builds trust and intimacy.

♥16. Fulfilling work. Ideally, work is about much more than making money. Find a way to spend time in service to others that allows you to share your unique gifts with the world.

♥17. Scheduling. Many of the above items require time that must be dedicated in advance to ensure that they are part of the day. Create a Love schedule that accommodates your priorities of self-care and other activities that you value.

♥18. Attitude. If you aren’t looking for the positive, you’ll probably find the opposite! If you missed it, read The Love Post that reminds you that Love’s Got a P.M.A.

♥19. Beliefs. These are really just your thought habits. Take a good look at what you think about yourself, your life and how things work.

If you aren’t happy with your results, chances are good that your beliefs are causing you to struggle unnecessarily.

♥20. Gratitude. This is an attitude that flows from a belief in the abundance of the Loving Universe. If you are thankful for all that you are, all that you can do, and all that you have, you open yourself to receiving everything that you desire.

♥21. Presence. Are you here in this moment? Or are you stuck in the past? Are you often anticipating the future? Come back to right now. Right now. Here is where your power lies.

So, how’d you do?

Was this Love checklist helpful?

Which number are you going to focus on today?

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And if you know anyone else who wants to help create A More Loving World, invite them to join us in welcoming in the Age of Love!

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Mary Anne offers her knowledge and wisdom in a practical, easy to understand way so that you can start improving your life immediately, with Love as your guide.

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