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My son came to me one night while I was working on the computer and asked, "Poppa, can you find something about speed reading on the Internet for me? I'd like to learn it.” "Sure" I replied, and within a few seconds I had a page of speed-reading courses that were offered. One particular one caught my eye. It read, "25,000 words per minute minimum!" I chose that one and clicked on it and up popped a presentation by a company named Subliminal Dynamics® and Brain Management®. I read through their web page at “www.eBrain.com.au” and discovered that they don't actually teach speed-reading. They teach "Mental Photography®".

Photographic Memory
I became very excited because they seem to offer a lost piece of my life experience that I thought that I would be able to have from the time that I was a child. When I was a youngster my father was a newspaper editor. At night he would sit down and literally flip through the pages of a book and sometimes hand the book to me and say, "Here Son, read me a sentence from anywhere in the book. I thought that it was some kind of trick, but he could do it even if I went around the corner into the hallway. Dad explained to me that he had a photographic memory.

My Mother recently told me, Dad would bring a stack of books to bed each night and read them all in just a few minutes. She asked, "Thornton, what are you doing?" He stopped flipping the pages, looked at her and said, "Reading." "No one can read that fast." she replied. "It's impossible!" He assured her that he could. I thought Dad would always be there for me and never asked him to teach me how this was done. My father died when I was twenty years old. I have lamented my not having gotten an understanding of his photographic memory.

When I read the information on Subliminal Dynamics and their course on "Mental Photography®" I shouted, "Eureka!" This is something that I want to make sure that all of my children have.”

A NEW way to Learn How to Learn
Richard Welch, CEO and Founder says that everyone is born with the ability to learn by Mental Photography® and in fact everyone uses it to learn everything - until we are about five years old. That is when we enter the public school system and learn the Rote-Memory System of reading. I believe that is when the brakes are put on our learning process and we move from potential genius into slow thinkers that store most educational matter into our short-term memory rather than our long-term memory. Learning by Mental Photography® places matter into our long-term memory. That's why my father could remember every word in the dictionary without "memorizing" the words. Excitedly, I e-mailed Subliminal Dynamics and Brain Management® and told them I wanted to take my whole family to America to learn this wonderful ability that my father had.

Brain Management – Powerful!
The Brain Management® Seminar is truly a Whole Life Enhancement Course, and it is powerful! Mental Photography® is used for much more than assimilating information. It is the life force of the course. Mental Photography® is the Key for making this all work. As a Brain Management® student, you experience Mental Photography®, take tests, etc,… then they teach you ways in which to recall that information when you 'need' it." It is a very specific method of directing information into the long-term memory.

Mental Photography bypasses Dyslexia!
During the class, adults and children with dyslexia quickly overcame that problem, and after the seminar function with excellence and confidence in education and writing, and any other challenge.

My father stacked degrees during his lifetime. He sort of collected them. After all, all he had to do was photograph the books into his long-term memory and take the exams. Now I will be able to learn what was natural to me as a child, and take that ability with me to easily further my education. Why not!? Others are doing it!

There are several languages that I want for my children and myself to know. By Mentally Photographing® the cross language dictionaries of any desired language into the long-term memory, it is possible to know the whole vocabulary of a language in as much time as it takes to flip the pages of the book. Then by Mentally Photographing® a study book for that language, the only thing you're short, is knowing the sound of the language. For that you could listen to tapes or speak with someone who speaks that particular language.

Limitless Brainpower
The possibilities are limitless with this kind of brainpower. For years scientists have told us that we use less than ten percent of our brain's capacity. Now I have found the way back into the other ninety percent and intend to see that my wife and children learn it and move through life with the confidence that will be theirs with this command of powerful intelligence that is naturally available for all of our children. This reinforces my personal long held understanding that all of mankind is born genius and then robbed of it by being taught an unnatural method of learning – “reading”. Mental Photography® puts real meaning to the phrase, "Be all that you can be!"

Empower Yourself!
Successful Brain Management® and Mental Photography® Seminars have been taught throughout the world and offer FREE REFRESHERS FOR LIFE. They are committed to the success of their students.

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Shannon Panzo is the Executive Instructor of Brain Management. Brain Management teaches you a range of mind enhancing techniques, primarily how to tap into and control your own vast potential locked in your subconscious mind. His students/clients discover the way to learn how to learn naturally and the key to unlocking unlimited potential. The key is Mental Photography--your ability to tap into your natural photographic memory you were born with and re-establish that connection.

You can find complete information on Shannon Panzo and his products by visiting his blog at MindtoMind.com

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