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Just like good clothing helps in making a good impression, the same thing is true for the hairstyle. It enhances the personality better than anything else. Let us tell you a secret; a stylish haircut could also reduce aging. Don’t believe us? Just google the ages of your favorite celebrities, and you’ll be shocked. Why? The way these celebrities carry their hairstyles helps them get their desired looks. That being said, here are the latest 2021 short hairstyles for women.

1. Short Feathered Patel Hairstyle:

No matter what the age is, a woman can always experiment with her hair if she enjoys doing so. If you need something magical and fairytale-like, color your hair with unicorn shades to look fabulously amazing. You can boost up the look by clipping aside with simple straight pins.

2. Layered bob with hair dye:

Are u a little chubby and have short hair? No worries, we have your back. You can simply do a bob cut with layers and dye your hair with YOUR favorite hair color and ta-da! You are ready to go. It is a casual, any day, and everyday hair-do idea, which would never leave you disappointed.

3. Pixie with a side-swept bang:

This haircut does wonders for any face type, looks super-duper cute, and is one of the most common types of hairstyles. You can add a touch of hair dye, or if u want to keep it simple, you can add bobby pins to your bangs or just leave them just the way they are.

4. Low Ponytail:

Tie up your hair with an elastic band on a lazy casual day, which is the easiest way to style up your hair as it is simple but looks amazingly beautiful. Alternatively, parting your hair into two equal sections and twisting your hair to make a funky-looking ponytail would be no less mesmerizing.

5. Angled Undercut Hairstyle:

As much as this look is common among men, women can also opt for this hairstyle by putting a feminine touch to it and rocking it like nobody’s business.

6. Casual Bun:

Women having shoulder-length hair can always go for a messy casual bun adding different styles to it. One can tie a braid and then make a bun with the leftover hair, or one can make a twist from both sides by parting your hair in two. On normal days, buns are the artless way to do your hair yet look so attractive when you are feeling lazy.

7. Layered Pixie with Bangs:

Who said women over 50 could not rock this spicy look? Meek and expressive, the layered pixie hairstyle with layered bangs is itself a self-explanatory hairdo. Adding a touch of hair color to your layers would beef up the entire look.


Many women face difficulty styling up their hair, especially if they have shorter hair. The women feel styling up their hair is not that necessary as they have grown up, but that is not true. Styling can be done at any age, as age is just a number and should never define the way you want to dress up or style your hair.

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