In 2020, when the pandemic was little known, many marketing reports predicted a shift in purchasing power towards e-commerce. Everyone expected international trading to prosper and become omnichannel, and social media transformed into active marketplaces (especially Instagram).

For print on demand companies, it seemed that the significant changes would take a long time. Back in 2019, there was growing skepticism towards Gen Z brands. Moreover, the boomer generation's practicality excluded online shopping and focused on traveling to the store. The increased focus on personalization and sustainability only gained momentum. How it was in 2020 and what changes 2021 promises - that's what we'll discuss below.

2020 POD Statistics
POD e-commerce statistics in 2020 showed stable annual growth. Global online sales grew by 20%, which equals $4.28 million. The market expanded in all directions and very slowly but confidently became an integral part of the user experience. The entrepreneurs doubted creating their websites or integrating with e-commerce platforms. Of course, among the huge number of platforms and tools to work with, it took some time to choose the best option. After the pandemic broke out and statistics became a sad asset, the entrepreneurs had to recover and radically change their development strategy. That's how the omnichannel concept appeared, that is, streamlined work on all sales channels. It wasn't easy to coordinate the work, but with the frameworks' emergence, such as PodZa, it became possible to freely manage e-commerce areas such as POD, dropshipping, and W&F.

2020 has seen significant changes in the mindset and priorities of consumers. Statistics show that 36% of buyers prefer online shopping weekly, up from 28% before the pandemic. According to surveys, 40% of consumers have become more attentive to what they spend on their money. Incredibly, compared to 2019, the number of online orders for goods increased by 208% from 1 to 20 April 2020.

The main reason people have started shopping online is convenience. Free shipping, coupons and discounts, hassle-free returns, and fast ordering have become essential aspects of the customer experience. In turn, the store owners had to change the well-established operating principles and recreate the most intuitive and straightforward shopping process. Accordingly, the one who turned out to be more flexible to changes and innovative strategies began to lead the market.

The current situation forced people to change their ordinary life radically. Social distancing, homeschooling, remote work, and an inability to give your body such necessary physical activity have changed the lifestyle and demand for food, household items, and clothes. Of course, marketing was expected to become more authentic and focused. With the TikTok platform and popularity of personalized merchandise rise, the main trading potential has focused on meeting the Gen Z needs.

The best niche for print on demand has become the production of themed goods, which don't lose popularity in 2021. They focus on political and world events (pandemic and elections) - a prime example is an explosion of face masks and unique hygiene products' popularity. Meeting the demand for such products has become more critical than ever.

Let’s see what people consider as the most popular products:

T-shirts. They are always a trend. This is a basic element of a wardrobe, so that nothing can influence its long-term popularity.
Phone cases. With the iPhone SE release (2nd generation), phone cases have become more popular - especially personalized with a photo, logo, or a favorite slogan. Such non-intrusive details are meant to motivate the consumer to improve their psychological state.
Teacups. Remote work and abandoned trinkets in the office became the reason to buy new mugs to create the maximum comfortable environment. According to statistics, about 60% of people experience some emotional attachment to their favorite cup.
Hoodies. Surviving the quarantine wouldn't be so convenient if we didn't have the hoodie. It's an excellent option for any weather and different purposes. It’s very comfortable and cozy.
A print creates a very stylish base for things you can walk in, go on dates, and shop. So, why not making your life a little more colorful during these boring lockdowns?

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