Numbers have a vibration, as all living things do. Numbers also have a frequency. As the Bible says every hair on your head is counted, every breath you receive determines a life. Life is growth or stagnation. We all have choice. As my latest fortune cookie fortune said, "The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

As we start the new year we can entertain the possibilities on our "little life" and the life of the world.

According to the ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, there are 26 "safety energy locks," bilateral, on the body. 26 means "Total and complete." It also is the number of letters in our alphabet. In this ancient Japanese system all the energy flows go through the hands and fingers, making it possible to help the whole body by just working on the thumb and fingers. Working on the fingers mean holding each finger, not squeezing, and waiting to feel a pulse. This is an energy pulse not a blood pulse. There are 144,000 functions in the human body-divine, which means that each finger controls 14,400 functions The hands are known as'jumper cables" recharging the life force. When we speak of energy it really means the body's life force given to us by the Great Spirit.

2019- #20 is "Everlasting Eternity," It is located on the little finger. #20 connects the conscious mind to the super conscious divine mind. It has an extremely relaxing effect on the body.

#19 is," Leadership and Authority. Perfect Balance" Not only authority and leadership out in the world but also over myself. It is located on the thumb. #19 helps the lungs and releases the lower scapular. (our wings)

2019 adds up to 12. #12 means,"Not my will but Thy Will be done. Submission of personal consciousness to the direction of Universal Mind." #12 is located on the middle finger. Stagnation in right #12 is connected to saying, My will be done. (mental hospitals) Left #12 is connected to being too negative. (prisons)

#12 adds up to 3. #3 means,"Understanding. "The Door."Defense against problems and discomforts." #3 is the natural antibiotic of the body. It is located on the middle finger. When you start to feel sick with a cold hold that middle finger and drink extra water. See what happens!!

This new year has the possibility of Gods Will being done on Earth. Our country has been facing grave dangers from hidden negative controllers who have chosen to corrupt our way of life from its foundation. The Great Spirit permits evil for a time and then the time is up. Let us pray that the white hats of our government,military and patriots of the USA can direct the healing of our great country. The One Spirit works through each one of us to do the will of God on planet
Earth. We are in a Spiritual battle for our lives. It is the time to choose sides and remember that there is, "Victory to the Light!"

All Blessings for 2019 and always!
©2019 Merry C. Battles

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Merry C. Battles is the author and illustrator of "Christmas Meditations on the Twelve Holy Days December 26 - January 6" It is her 26 year meditation journey with the 12 holy days of Christmas. Her book can be used all year long as we travel through each sign of the Zodiac. Merry has worked in the Healing Arts since 1976. She has practiced the art of massage, cellulite massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy and foot reflexology. Merry Is a Continuing Education Provider for Florida LMT'S. Her Intro courses in Jin Shin Jyutsu are open to all people.
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