A NEW YOU IN 2012?

Here we are, 9 days in to a new year and most things back to normal. By now, a majority of people who have made resolutions have broken them
As you looked at a new year, what changes have you committed to make in how you live? More importantly, how are you going to make them? What has held you back?
Winston Churchill once said, “I’m always ready to learn, although I don’t always like being taught.” Can you relate?
A reminder to myself every January (and most days) is that I have no power over certain people, places and thinks and long ago I accepted completely that this includes alcohol, drugs and certain other behaviours (habits). As long as I keep this at the forefront, within reason my life has remained manageable.
I did not achieve this way of life on my own and had much help along the way. Over the past nearly two decades, I have had the good fortune to coach others and help them find the ability to make major change within themselves.
Do you want a new you in key areas of your life this year? Are you ready for change?
I am a change catalyst; please feel free to contact me in confidence.

Author's Bio: 

Keith is a noted Master Life Addiction Coach