May you LIVE all the days of your life-Johnathan Swift
Another new year. Another year entered into with the best of intentions.
Ever look back and really measure the changes you planned to make in 2010 and where you sit today? For most, their resolutions are but a fading dream about 2 weeks into a new year. My grandmother drilled it into my head- the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Fact is, if you don’t take massive action, you will likely not make changes in you life, particularly major lifestyle changes. Another fact, few can make changes without help, and the better the help the more likelihood that success will be achieved.
I quit making new years resolutions years ago. Seldom did I do the things I resolved to do even though my intentions were there!
So what is it you plan to change in 2011?
Are you looking to tackle the year with a more positive, upbeat outlook? Is there a habit, addiction or behaviour you intend to modify dramatically? Is there a dream you’ve harboured for a long time that you intend to make a reality?
Unless you are prepared to take massive action and get the help you need and deserve, nothing in 2011 will change dramatically from 2010.
For me, 1995 was a year during which I made huge positive changes. I gave up a depilating addiction, shook frequent depression, rebuilt the most important relationship in my life, had a spiritual awakening and began to enjoy each day as it came along. Major change brought about by taking massive action and getting the right help for me; people who were experts at success!
How is your head entering into this new year? What changes do you want to make? Have you got the life you want? You do have choices.
I’ve been through it and procrastinated for many years. I lost more than I wanted to lose, but lost what I had to lose for me to take action. While I was fearful of radical change because I didn’t know what I would find, I am eternally grateful that I harnessed the courage within to do what had to be finally done.
I coach people to success for a living. That being said, my passion is to see others succeed. Over the next couple of weeks I would like to be a part of helping others to find the key to actually taking action to make positive changes in 2011. While I am always looking for the “right” clients, as a service, I love to chat with others to try and help them find the courage to take the path THEY need, and there are many options available.
If I can be of help in getting YOU to realize your dreams for 2011, please feel free- and it is free- to contact me through khbray@hopeserenity.ca or through www.hopeserenity.ca. I’m here to serve.
As a start point to hitting you resolutions for 2011, why not share them here along with the action you are planning to take and what date you will do this by? Let’s make 2011 a year where you find serenity in your own skin and a you that YOU love!
Let’s not enter 2012 saying I should of or I wish I had of!!!!

Author's Bio: 

Keith is a Master Certified Life Coach coaching clients to their own successes