To the big-hearted healer, there's nothing sweeter than the sound of the telephone ringing. That's the gift you get when you've written your website so wisely that potential clients feel compelled to call YOU. Your job on the phone then is simply to confirm their hunch that you're the right practitioner for them.

But how? By answering all their questions? By giving them as much information about your services as you can? Surprisingly, no. When you waste precious time telling someone all about YOU, you miss the opportunity to create a heart-to-heart connection that leads them to your door. That's when they promise to call again soon. Sadly, they never do.

Does that ring a bell? Take heart. Once you master these 2 quick tips, you'll know how to create an instant bond that turns telephone consults into clients.
Tip #1: Listen Closely
It may sound silly but it's true. You want to really listen to what each individual has to say. Even if you've worked with hundreds of people with the same issue, don't assume you understand what's going on with each one. Instead, ask them what they're struggling with that inspired them to call you. Then give them space to share their story in their own words. As you do, take note of exactly what they're saying that motivated them to reach out. And we mean exactly.

Let's say you're a light-touch practitioner who helps women overcome chronic migraines. Since every woman is different, find out why it's important for that individual to solve her pain. One woman may be desperate because it's affecting her work. While another woman may be missing out on bonding time with her newborn son. Whatever the pain, the motivation for finding an answer is distinct. And before your callers will accept your solution, they want to feel fully seen and fully valued by you. That's when they're willing to let their guard down and trust you.
Tip #2: Be A Mirror

To make sure your caller feels fully witnessed, you want to reflect her own words back to her. And this is critical: Don't paraphrase. Use her exact words. Words are symbols that have a deeply personal meaning for everyone. When you paraphrase, even a little, you think you're saying the same thing. But to your listeners, you're changing the meaning and the personal impact on them.  

Here's an example...
Your client says: "Sometimes it's a challenge to get out of bed in the morning."
And you reply: "So even getting out of bed in the morning is challenging."

Those two thoughts may sound the same to you. But if your listener has an emotional attachment to the phrase "It's a challenge," your feedback just missed the mark. And you've missed making the emotional connection that would have led to a new client. Instead, stay in sync with your listener by mirroring back to her what she said using her exact words.

Here's the simple phrase that turns consults into clients like magic:
"So what I hear you saying is..."

When you become a receptive mirror to your caller, she'll hear "Yes, you totally get me," in her mind. And she'll say "Yes!" to a session with you.

Author's Bio: 

Michele McGrew is a spiritual business coach teaching heart-centered metaphysical practitioners to fill their practices with clients they LOVE.

Blending spirituality and good, solid business skills, Michele helps divine feminine entrepreneurs create abundant businesses so they can increase their impact and their income by marketing their services with integrity! To learn more, go to