A Virtual Retreat is a vehicle for helping your business reach new financial gains. I have done many and just love the ease and the transformations that can occur in a short period of time, as well as generating income.

These VIP Days are wonderful when people don't want to travel due to expense, family responsibilities or simply because traveling can be so frustrating these days.

There are 2 different designs that I use for my Virtual Retreat Days:

Design #1: 1-1 VIP Virtual Retreat Day

I have run these with clients where we are on the phone for 4 hours. I request they come very prepared with what they want discussed regarding the challenges they are experiencing and the transformation they want by the end the day.

These can be a part of a Platinum or other high investment program you offer as a bonus or as a standalone offering.

There are many people who would rather get a lot accomplished in a few hours over the phone instead of a Teleseries or a 6-12 month program. Because you are so focused on specific topics that your client brings to the call, your clients will gain amazing breakthroughs. Then it's up to them to follow through and execute all that you talked about.

Design #2: Group Virtual Retreat Day

This is similar to the 1-1 design except it is with a small group. My suggestion would be to not go over 10 people because you want the group to be very interactive.

I have 3 topics that I rotate throughout the year:

•Niche Breakthrough Strategies

•Charging What You are Worth and Getting it

•Branding with Archetypes

By having these 3 rotate once I run it through one time, I only need to tweak it if necessary for the next time I teach it so it makes it an easy process. I suggest you also chose 3 topics you enjoy coaching around that your Ideal Client wants.

Coaching this way is also a really fun process as well. I have fun being the coach and I have fun being the client.

In the design for the group I suggest you schedule 4-5 hours with each call lasting no more than 45 minutes. In between calls your clients will be doing the exercises you give them while you get to go get a snack and relax. These 'breaks' are usually between 10-25 minutes.

I want to caution you to not give your clients too much material or content. I know you want to 'over deliver' but giving them too much information at one time will only overwhelm and frustrate them.

Keep your 'teaching' times structured and step- by -step on only one topic. It will be much easier for you as well as for your clients.

Also, including worksheets, checklists or tip sheets before the call begins will assist your client as well.

When your VIP Virtual Retreat Day is coming to a close this is a wonderful opportunity for you to offer your client a 'next step' package or programs to keep them on track and in action. I suggest you give them a significant discount if they decide to say 'yes' to your offer right away.

Your clients will love your VIP Virtual Retreat Days. You are totally focusing on them 1-1 or in a small group and you are focusing on one specific topic that will help them move forward in a short period of time

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