1. Using an idea journal is fast, easy, and convenient.

It will take you less than 15 minutes each day to record your ideas, goals, and dreams into your idea journal.

2. Your idea journal will motivate you to take action on your most valuable and promising ideas.

Use the idea journal to track your creative ideas. These ideas may be the launch pad to your desired future; you must have a system to record each idea in order to capitalize on it in the future.

3. Helps you to maintain a laser-focus on your goals, dreams, and ideas - you must stay disciplined and persistent.

The idea journal helps you to keep your goals, dreams, and ideas in front of you on a daily basis. The more you review your goals, dreams and ideas the quicker they will manifest into reality.

4. Use the idea journal as a tool to express your creativity.

The idea journal is your tool to be who you have always dreamed of being. Think of your idea journal as a tool that will help you to unleash your urge to create. The words and pictures in your journal are uniquely yours. Do not be afraid to express yourself.

5. Helps to capture your brilliant ideas in one location.

Having a central location to store your ideas is efficient as well as good common sense. When you want to find an idea from one day ago or one month ago, you can find it.

6. Helps you to compare and combine your current ideas with your past ideas.

Use your past ideas to help you develop new ideas by combining elements of past ideas with your new ideas.

7. The idea journal is a planning tool that moves you toward your goals at a faster rate.

Use the idea journal as a planning tool - conduct brainstorming, develop mind maps, and create word associations in your idea journal.

8. The idea journal helps you to stimulate new ideas when you review your past ideas.

Develop your creative abilities by reviewing your past creative endeavors and learning something new each and every time you engage in a creative project.

9. You gain greater self awareness into your passions, interests, and desires.

The more you write and review your goals, dreams, and ideas, the more you will understand what it is you desire out of this life.

10. The idea journal serves as a valuable resource for future projects.

Refer back to your idea journal to help you get started on new projects.

11. The idea journal serves as your recorded time of invention, if notarized.

If ever there is a dispute related to when an idea originated, a notarized page in your journal may be the difference between you receiving credit for being first to conceive of an idea or receiving no recognition at all.

12. An idea journal is a valuable tool to help you grow and develop in your desired direction

The idea journal is not just a place to record ideas, it is a tool that will help you grow every time that you use it.

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