"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each and every one of us has experienced important life lessons that have provided us with power and wisdom to alter the course of our lives.

When I look book, there are many, many situations that have taught me so much about life and has made me the person I've become today.

Life lessons hold great significance for us all.

It's important to understand that they are 'experiences' that will play out in our lives time and time again until we take heed of the lessons and learn from them.

It's true for many of us that our most notable life lessons are during times of struggle and adversity.

Such experiences are inevitable, but it's more often the case that these kind of events enable us to learn more about ourselves, other people and life in general.

It brings us new insights into the workings of our universe, and provides opportunities for personal growth and continual evolvement.

Below are just a dozen of the most powerful and important life lessons that I've learned in my life:

1. Always live in the moment. Your future is determined by your efforts 'now', not what you did yesterday or what you intend to do tomorrow.

2. Don't let your life circumstances determine your happiness. Instead, your happiness will determine your life circumstances.

3. Learn to be grateful everyday for all that you love about your life. Gratitude is one of the most effective ways to find happiness and contentment

4. Avoid procrastinating. Follow your dreams and take action.

5. Never be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes fast track our learning and significantly contribute to our future success.

6. What we focus on expands and gets attracted into our life. So remember to ALWAYS focus on what you want, and never on what you don't want.

7. Who you know, where you were born, what genes you have, and how much money you have will not determine what you'll achieve in life. Your destiny is in no one else's hands but your own.

8. Don't be too self critical of yourself. There's lots of people who'll be more than willing to do that for you. Don't add yourself to the list.

9. Get some perspective in life. Often we worry and stress about the least little thing. Look at the bigger picture, let go and move on.

10. You will never please everyone, so don't bother trying.

"I don't know the secret to success, but the secret to failure is trying to please everyone"

Bill Cosby.

11. Learn to forgive. Anger and resentment are negative emotions that will derail your happiness and lower your energetic vibration. It's important to remember that the energy we send out is the energy we attract.

12. Trust your intuition and go with your gut. When arriving at a decision base it on what feels right to you. Your gut instinct will very rarely let you down.

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