How to modernize and revamp your kitchen without embarking on big expensive jobs? With a few inexpensive tips, the closets and furniture in this room will be given a new lease of life.

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If we have become accustomed to eating on the go or having a quick meal in front of the television, the kitchen is still the nerve center of family interiors. To give the desire to reinvest this room, why not bet on a more modern decoration? With a few tips and odd jobs, the kitchen can find a second youth and leave its rusticity in the cupboard. And it is also the latter who will have the right to a facelift. Indeed, to give the kitchen a boost, we prioritize the makeover of cupboard doors and drawers, Paints, stickers, adhesives, and new handles or doorknobs are inexpensive modernize the kitchen. So, follow our advice!

Repaint kitchen cupboard doors
Sometimes a simple change of color can be enough to transform the kitchen. Indeed, the rustic effect of a kitchen is sometimes due only to the color of its wood. A boost of white brings brightness to interiors when a more daring color will warm the room. As for the light, neutral shades with a slightly patinated effect, they will bring a Flemish or country chic style to the kitchen. In all cases, a suitable undercoat must be applied. There are many that do not sand the wood. The less manual will appreciate!

Changing kitchen cupboard doors
If you don't project yourself with your current doors, you can change them. Kitchen designers and major brands offer many models at more or less high costs.

To save some money, it is also possible to glue (with a wood glue), a thin wooden board on your current door and to repaint it. Thus, you will get a smooth, minimalist door that is ready to blend in with any ambience. Does your kitchen have glass doors that give it an old-fashioned look? Repaint the doors in a light tone (gray, beige, white) and replace the glass with a chicken wire for a chic country style .


Remove kitchen cupboard doors
Want a radical change? Remove all the doors from your furniture and display your beautiful crockery and decorative items. With this solution, you can paint the inside of the cupboards for more originality. Regarding the cupboards under the worktops, why not replace the doors with a curtain?

Apply adhesives to cupboard doors
Customizing a kitchen has never been easier than with stickers and adhesives. With small touches like masking tape or on all the doors, the adhesive allows you to change the look of your kitchen and to do it regularly according to trends and your desires.

Change cabinet door handles and knobs
Because beauty is also hidden in the details, do not neglect the handles and door knobs, to buy in stores, in flea markets or to find on the Internet. If you feel like a clean kitchen without any handles, a little wood filler will fill in the holes left by the screws of the old handles.

Several choices are available to you: chrome and profiled handles for a modern kitchen, shell-shaped handles for a more vintage style or even a more original version with leather straps. Everything is possible depending on the style you want to give to your kitchen!

Repaint the backsplash tiles
After repainting the furniture in your kitchen, you can complete the makeover of this room by painting the tiling of the splashback. Care should be taken to use a special paint which, in use, will resist splashes of grease, water and other soiling related to cooking or washing.

Glue an adhesive splashback
It is possible to give style to a white kitchen and it could not be more neutral. It is enough to bet on the decoration and the originality of the credenza by replacing (or by painting) for example some white tiles by others of colors.

Today, there are also adhesive splashbacks that stick directly to the one already in place for an express makeover. Many patterns are available, including imitation cement tiles , so trendy in the kitchen.

Paint the kitchen walls in color
To breathe new life into the decor of your kitchen, no need to change all of the furniture! Just paint or repaint the walls, ideally in colors that go well with the furniture. We can dare red or raspberry with gray or white elements, and turquoise blue and anise green with a light wood kitchen.

Hang curtains on kitchen cupboards
When the kitchen is not fitted and the furniture consists of simple worktops and shelves, it is easy to camouflage the storage spaces with fabrics. For example, old sheets recovered which will bring a crazy charm to the kitchen. It can also be more ethnic textiles brought back from travel or printed with cherry or tomato patterns for a kitchen with a kitsch and gourmet look assumed! Just remember to wash them regularly because textiles tend to soak up cooking smells , and will not be immune to possible stains.

Attach wall shelves
If you have space available on your kitchen walls, take the opportunity to attach wooden or medium shelves , ready to install or made by you. They will serve as storage for jars of spices or cereals, for example, and will thus constitute pretty collections on your walls.

Using slate paint
Easy to apply and available in different colors, blackboard-style paint can be used to dress a section of the kitchen wall or a cupboard door. The perfect way to jot down the shopping list, the dinner menus for the week or to let the children express themselves freely.

Slate paint will be applied to a wall only to enhance it. We can also consider creating a shape (a square, a circle, a rectangle or according to your imagination) with this paint to delimit an even more graphic chalkboard space. Note that some slate paints can also be magnetic.

In order to create the kitchen you want, do not hesitate to mix these different tips and styles for a playful interior that reflects your image. You can start with a single tip and move your project forward according to your desire for change.

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