It is more important than ever before that our businesses embrace technology if we want to grow during this down economic time. Many business owners and corporations look for that one key idea or system that's going to take their business to the next level.

However, it's been my experience that it is never one system, idea, or technique that does the does the trick it's generally a combination of multiple ideas.
In our business we use a combination of social networking, marketing and expert positioning to grow our business.

Below are 10 of areas available to you to grow your business.

1. Website- your website is the public’s window to your company providing continuing information for existing clients while promoting your practice to the outside world.

2. Newsletter- All successful organizations have monthly electronic newsletter’s that go out to their existing clients, former clients and vendors informing them of the latest trends that are affecting their business.

3. Blog- Otherwise known as a Web log. This is a page that is either integrated into your website or stands alone that disperses information regarding your company and your USP. A blog is one of the quickest ways to increase your Web rankings and expose your company for more business.

4. Twitter- Text messaging through the Internet which is the hottest craze out there right now. You are limited to 140 characters which keeps the communication brief while helping to promote your product or business.

5. Facebook- is an online social networking site where you can promote your individual portfolio or have a fan page for your business or yourself.

6. Linkedin - a social networking platform designed for professionals to communicate their expertise and connect with other professionals who they could possibly do business with.

7. HARO- Help a Reporter Out is an outstanding site that gives listings three times a day listing requests for news articles and resources by news agencies and reporters around the world are

8. Skype/OOVO – these are two Internet-based video conferencing sites that are free to use and will help you connect more efficiently and effectively with your clients and vendors.

9. Article Marketing – two excellent sites for article marketing to grow your business are E-zine articles and Self Growth articles

10. Continuing Legal Education/Advantage Legal Seminars – by creating continuing education programs your firm will be able to position themselves as experts in the field and grow your business.

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