If you believe you can find any other source that comes anywhere near matching the value and credibility of these creative distributors of cutting edge ebusiness information, I would like to know what it is.

Ignoring online Internet business email newsletters thinking they exist only as marketing gimmicks will insure you stay way behind the successful ebusiness entrepreneurs. This fact becomes much more evident when you discover that successful Internet gurus subscribe to many ebusiness newsletters. And they continue them for the duration of their business careers as they become more selective of content.

Awareness of how newsletters help you in your efforts to insure your in home Internet business is successful, build a free website, or start an ez web business can’t be overestimated.

These are the hot advantages of ebusiness newsletters you benefit from irrespective of the online business you choose:

1. Education: Most online business newsletters focus on information. Successful people usually find great satisfaction sharing their experience and business knowledge. And it’s free—at least for over 90% of newsletters. You don’t need to spend $5000 to $10,000 for mentoring. If you are willing to subscribe to newsletters over a period of time, you will gain access to all of the pertinent and credible information you will need to find an Internet business online opportunity.

2. Advice: You have an opportunity to communicate with the authors of business articles published in the newsletter as well as the guru behind the newsletter. It’s free. A few questions are acceptable now and then—just don’t try to force them into being a mentor. You will know if you are pushing your welcome when you stop receiving replies to your questions.

3. Access to resources: Almost all ebusiness newsletters permit subscribers free access to ebooks, reports, articles, and software that are sold to non-subscribers—saving considerable amounts of money over time. The “12 Days of Christmas” program is the largest free give-away program on the Internet—from business ebooks to software programs. There are several other similar programs doing exactly the same thing—but only for subscribers to their newsletters.

4. Referrals: Ebusiness newsletters provide links to lucrative, valuable, and reliable resources that are used by experts. Reviews of software products and programs by experts saves time and cost of finding out you purchased outdated or incompatible products that harbored major defects. Start out with what the experts use, which they rely on for developing technology, and information materials that have withstood the test of experience over time.

5. Discounts and freebies: Limited to subscribers only, you have a distinct advantage. Discounts are commonly 50 to 70% off retail—and for the struggling entrepreneurs it’s a windfall. Offering freebies always draws business, attention, and buyers. Newsletters would lose all their subscribers if they didn’t provide great value. It’s a win—win situation. The seller gives you something free, and you buy from them.

6. Networking benefits: Within the “inner circle” of any newsletter category of topics is a tightly associated family of experts—or very knowledgeable individuals. Subscribers can easily paddle into the fast flowing current of information and cutting edge strategies used by the experts. Let them know who you are. Ask good questions, be humble and polite, and anticipate that you can fit in using your knowledge and creative ideas. Your name will reach the ears of the “inner circle.” You might even be invited to join, and share the wealth.

7. Affiliate benefits: You find out what products or services are offered by each publisher or owner. Once you are there, you can join their “affiliate program.” You can sell their products and make a commission. Usual Internet surfers aren’t aware of these programs for the most part. Your commission might be increased, the more you sell. You learn strategies for selling that work. You discover how buyers are persuaded.

8. Resell rights: Many Internet warriors make a full time living income from either buying products to resell or simply having products given to them. Information products, e-books, articles, reports, e-courses, tutorials, and software are some of what you are allowed to sell and keep the cash. Information and entertainment are the two most sought after resources. Millions of web-surfers hit the Internet daily. Does that raise a flag for you? Newsletters let you into this selective kingdom.

9. E-business secrets: Four levels of secrecy exist in newsletters—and three that benefit you:
•Comments from experts—tips and ideas mentioned in newsletters only.
•Confidential information—guru info restricted to personal use by subscribers (eg. E-courses, software)
•Expertise secrets—private info and strategies experts use, and reveal only to certain people under certain circumstances (eg. Paid seminars)
•Hidden secrets—those that highly successful individuals know and use, and never are willing to tell anyone.

As a subscriber, you already have a head start towards the “inner circle.”

10. Continuous updating of the Internet business world: The owner and/or editors of newsletters must (that is if they want to keep their subscribers) provide to subscribers every new and current bits of change happening on the Internet. Subscribers see it first. Others find it out much later when it’s no longer helpful. This pertains to every ebusiness type or style.

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