1. Let him know that you believe in him.

Frequently point out his strengths. For example, tell him how proud you are of his fine character and that he'll make a terrific partner one day.

2. Be a good listener.

Instead of judging, actively listen, so as to understand where he is coming from. Ask him questions and teach him how to find his own solutions.

3. Encourage him to pursue his interests.

Whether this be a sport or something else, do all you can in supporting him to succeed. Get him the gear or instruments that he needs and take him to those games or lessons.

4. Show affection.

OK. He's no longer into big mummy cuddles. But at least reach out every now and then. And, never stop saying "I love you" at least once a day.

5.Have adventures together.

Start at an early age, to spontaneously explore somewhere new and interesting to both of you. Such adventures can provide special and long lasting memories.

6. Never speak badly of his other parent.

Remember that your relationship with him is different from your son's relationship with the other parent. When issues come up between you and your ex, leave your son out of it.

7. Talk to him about life's 'hot topics' casually.

Rather than sitting down for a serious talk, casually discuss topics of importance as they arise. Don't make a big deal out of it, just tell him the facts as you know them.

8. Feed him healthy food.

Provide food from certified organic sources. He'll feel great both physically and emotionally. And he'll thank you later.

9. Make his meals.

When a parent proudly says their son is preparing his own meals, you may well wonder what kind of meals he is preparing, if any. The most likely meals being prepared are chips and burgers. These don't constitute a nutritious meal. Nothing beats fresh, home cooked food.

10.Be around for him

He might seem really independent and not really wanting you around much. But you'll be surprised at the times when he just needs to talk, to get something off his chest. Be there, just in case.

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Author's Bio: 

Eve Zhu lives in Sydney, Australia with her teenage son.